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Tesla Model S Problems: My Experience!

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Storytime! Apollo/P100D has been awesome, but not quite perfect…

Tesla playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBsP89CPrMeMKjHnLfO3WAhiOOxiv5Xqo

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betterinsodapop says:

I would def rather have a slightly lesser car that was more dependable/low-maintenance than my absolute dream car. But, that's just my take.

Hidden Arizona says:

Gee, you pay mega $$$$$$$ for a Tesla, and they have QC problems. Such a deal.

ELStands says:

Scary problems to have. That's so dangerous!

Yasar Cakir says:

get a German car

Fire says:

Did you try putting it rice

Brandon Garcia says:

I'll buy one when they're actually ready to be bought.

Shlok says:

Think of this. Would you use the samsung note 7 which exploded once even if samsung fixed it ?

Cymaped says:

hell no. as far as its my dream car, no matter the problems I will continue using it. because having the car alone is my pride and i have worked long for it. i will just make sure it gets the necessary servicing. And in the case of Tesla, i will compromise my money for the car because i know its a new car company and the very 1st in the market it only it is

Dino d says:

Be it car, bike, gf or wife….if u really waited for most exotic one and it gives u problems..nothing tops Ur peace of mind at the end of the day.
U shud move on..

Andy Derps says:

No car is worth risking your life.

RC 420 Guy says:

If my dream car nissan gtr r35 had problems id fix it myself and get upgraded parts for what went wrong …. if i had the money ???

J Mingo III says:

I’m doing my research now to get a Model 3. But thanks for the pros and cons on Tesla, it’s helping me to determine weather i should get one or not.

Yogesh Arora says:

I bought this car from one of the largest car manufacturer of India named as "Maruti Suzuki" and it's been nearly 4 months the car has gone about 7 times to the service centre in which 3 times was just for the clutch barring issue. They had to replace the whole part twice to get it fixed. Although, I really not expected such a horrible experience from such esteemed car company, but it was a nightmare.

The Greater American Society says:

Scrap it. It a certain point a car can become too problem some. Maybe that model is no good but with a car like that it can cause you to lose money.

theAppleWizz says:

This has happened to me in a BMW x3

Johannes Hügel says:

JUST SUBSCRIBED…Great video…great presentation!!!

Dulana Wijeratne says:

Tesla, a dream car, what ??? Marques your taste in gadgets are good but cars it's a zero man

ebin belji says:

I have driven a car without a power steering and it's not a big deal when the cars moving

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