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Tesla Model S v Holden V8 Supercar v Walkinshaw HSV GTS Drag Race

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It’s on — a drag race of epic proportions. It’s the world’s fastest four-door sedan, the Tesla Model S P85D, against Australia’s fastest four-door sedans, the Supercheap Auto Racing Holden Commodore V8 Supercar and the Walkinshaw Performance W507 HSV GTS.

The Tesla Model S P85D rockets from 0-100km/h in just 3.3-seconds, while the V8 Supercar does it in 3.4-seconds, but weighs just 1400kg with the driver.

Strap on as we see who wins — USA v Australia.

Presented by Paul Maric (https://twitter.com/PaulMaric) and David Zalstein. Videography by Igor Solomon. Aerial Video by Lentez Aerials.


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Martin Kemp says:

V8 supercar designed for the track, not drag racing. Let’s do a lap of Mt Panorama in your hairdryer. Even do a lap with the HSV and see what happens

LiamUltraGamer says:

they should of done the drags on the long straight at bathurst

steve jobs says:

Umm but who gives a shit about drag race's tho its not real raceing smh.


Just wondering why you just couldn’t compare with Nissan GT-R 35. I won’t say AMS performance omega because it’s not available in Australia but at least a standard one can beat Tesla in quarter mile too

m4rcd27 says:

That Tesla stinks worse than Elon's musk

m4rcd27 says:

Holden all the way. You couldn't force me to drive that electric POS

Pierre Sterligov says:

It's a first time in my life I hear about HSV

Indra says:

Fucking Awesome

Colin Tareeala says:

Be a different story if the v8 supercar had traction from the start as the tesla did

philip gray says:

fuck awesome

Richard Seal says:

Quicker not faster. Muscle every time it's about the sound they make people. Smiles on faces love to see tesla do some doughnuts and a bit of drifting. Save the planet but loose the fun

ADT says:

Tesla = only know straight line

Mark Mark says:

The joke also here is how much money goes into Supercars and you see here, and at Bathurst against the Sports Cars, how slow they really are.

Mark Mark says:

I call foul. The Tesla is stock as you buy it, the Walkinshaw is an aftermarket modified car. There are privately modded Teslas now that would see even greater distance gap.

We also know now, in 2017, how ludicrously fast the Tesla P100D is.

Oh and my crappy 2 wheel drive basic Model S70 380hp Tesla still kills anything at the lights due to the massive torque. There's other factors that are never shown in these tests, the incredible instant punch you have when overtaking or gap filling, and forget even bringing an ICE car if it's an uphill drag, the gap the Tesla makes uphills is even greater.

Sataneliteoneshots says:

That wheelspin

Hydro Healer says:

Pffft my Honda Civic would smoke that.

Cool James says:

mmm whatcha sayyyyyyyyyyy

waldo pepper says:

yes, because teslas are being marketed as race cars, not everyday shopping carts and economical around town cars arent they lol im sure a ducati superleggerra would eat both in a straight line acceleration test….which proves what exactly ? how about the test includes filling up at the bowser. you know, like the holden will do it in a couple of minutes, while the tesla takes an hour to charge. incorporate all the impractical aspects of electric cars along with the enormous infrastructure that needs to be built that the electric car lobby doesnt want to talk about, and any clear thinking rational person picks the holden any day of the week as the car to put in the garage.

Ahmadi Arismaharto says:

Any chance of making another vid with the P100DL?

GunnieBill says:

Have they put the Tesla up against a W557?

Fabricio Giampietro says:

Australians… renowned all around the world for their great sportcars. LOL

Rocky Ugsod says:

I don't think they will have a face when the Tesla Roadster 2 will come out.

David Leef says:

An everyday family car can beat a V8 supercar with its weigh taken out. WOW

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

The P100 D does 0-60 in 2.4.
I mean is there a P120 D option in 2018?
These Tesla cars in a league of their own!
They have re-written the performance car book!

Wait for a Tesla Hypercar!
0-60 in 1.7 seconds in 2019?

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