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Tesla Model S v Porsche Taycan v Huracan Performante v Aston DBS v McLaren 540C: DRAG RACE

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What do you do at the end of a long day of drag racing? You gather the five fastest cars and run a final quarter mile. Rory challenges the Aston Martin DBS Volante, McLaren 540C, Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S in the Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

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tariq qureshi says:

Credit to the Tesla. A family car against sports cars !

adharsh cheloor says:

Waiting for Tesla roadster 🔥🖤

Nevil Sebastian says:

The fact that tesla is heavier and more drag faced by it made it difficult to speed up or else it is the winner for sure.

Ced Mc says:

Lambo is just better deal with it tesla losers

Rupesh Verma says:

Lemborghini 🔥🔥

Nitesh Gujjar says:

Tum slo lambo ki add kr rhe ho

Khalidah Nusrat says:

Lamborghini is the best car

Pharez Knights says:

People in this world are too sensitive, if the tesla lost it lost, even in carwow it did, losing isn`t bad, it makes space for improvements, not everything has to be the tesla fan boys way, take a lost and move on, sigh this is when a non car community invades a car community and bring them in the convo, there jump on a band wagon and get sensitive, even if the company is doing bad there would always turn a blind eye to a problem, Grow Up

Jayanth Devaraneni says:

try the same thing in mid-2022 when model s plaid+ starts and use plaid + instead of model s performance

Aid Beuy says:

get in there lambo!!

Renato says:

These so called "fanbois" must be payed trolls. Thinking about it, it is definitely not a bad marketing choice. Else it's hard to believe actual adults can be this childish.

That mobile pro 24 says:

carwow is now better

Juan de la Cosa says:

Spoiler alert: Tesla/Elon fanboys, this video is not jerk off material.

Ibra Hejazi says:

Can’t wait to see the Roadster here

Moises Radilla says:

That should've been a 720 S dammit

Зона 51 says:

When family car coming 2 vs sport cars xd

Ant El says:

Wow. So many arguments about the Tesla only having 30% battery.

Who cares really?

In the real world, not only am I going to have more fun in the Huracan, I'm going to enjoy the sound a hell of a lot more and in a point to point race in the real world, I'm going to literally destroy that Tesla.
Shit, if we REALLY want to argue about it let's do a point to point race, say London to Edinburgh with both cars starting on 30% fuel.

Not only will the above still apply, when we stop to refuel I will have enough time for a cheeky KFC, a few B&H and a dump at the services and STILL get to Edinburgh first!

So just let it go Tesla fan boys. The real world ISN'T a series of drag races and all things ain't equal.

They never were.

Jonas Jonaitis says:

Tesla clearly jumped and you brag about winners. There are no winners in flawed race. Period.

Sk Tarikul says:

It was a 4s and did pretty well so what about the taycan turbo s

Makke says:

woooow, lot's of butthurt in the comments

The Gamer says:

AMG is poor

YGMathieu says:

Uh you did express with the dbs or it's me?

Super G V2 says:

Are these bums copyright striking ppl? 😂😂😂

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