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Tesla Model S version 7 Autopilot Speeding Ticket Auto Steering Demo on Streets, Highway, Traffic

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Extensive 16 minute test drive of the new Autopilot software version 7 from Tesla. We test the car out on the city streets, open highway and bumper to bumper traffic in Miami. We even got pulled over by the FHP, Florida Highway Patrol because the autopilot was speeding, 75MPH in a 60MPH zone!

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ggray1213 says:

Id be in the backseat sleep!

Donald Trump says:

Next thing ya know buses will have robots driving like in tranzit (bo2)

Big Jojo says:

the Tesla said fuck the police

Luca94 says:

10 bucks…. i go a 50$ ticket for not having my insurance papers…..

Marius Grobler says:

Crazy awesome!

xRays6 says:

Doesn't the driver set the speed though?

Jake Ford says:

Makes no sense at all, people were passing you like crazy

Javian Brown says:

how does autopilot work with speed bumps?

Reapers Merc says:

Tries to be a smart ass blaming the car, but in the owners manual it specifically states that during auto pilot mode not to take your hands of the steering wheel. And that you need to monitor the vehicle speed while using cruise control.

JR'S says:

I had a model s and ir was the worst car ever software problems! returned to the dealer ship

Randall Hunt says:

They should work it so Tesla gets speeding tickets when the car misses a speed zone

Putt T. says:

1:38 * car turns, breaks arm

canopeaz says:

What does turning the knob on the end of the Autopilot Stalk do ?

Jose Andalon says:

The car does not have a license to drive but you do. So you should drive not it. But if you are lazy and allow it to drive your liable for what it does
So imagine if it kills some one your defense will say you weren't driving but the dead person is still dead because YOU weren't paying attention

Mousa Alzwani says:

Who got the ticket? the car or the driver?

TRUTH Seeker says:

so NO need for driver licence any more, this car will make a lot of peopel in government/ stats made as hell , No driver licence No need for insurance in future No traffic tickets as well with autopilot.

IG Sky.Dweller says:

He got a speed warning because he was getting overtaken left right and centre. Haha if he was speeding then there was at least 6 other cars that needed to be pulled over before him.

frankmga23 says:

Great video!

Roman Blyumin says:

So, basically Tesla is using you as a test bunnies to test out their new beta feature.

Brendan Wixson says:

Wow FHP let you slide on your speed. What did you say to them? I am a local, so I feel your pain.

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