Tesla Model X P100D Ludicrous sets World Record vs Lamborghini Aventador SV Drag Racing 1/4 Mile

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Watch a Lamborghini Aventador SV take on a Tesla Model X P100D and Model S P100D in an all out 1/4 mile drag racing battle at Palm Beach International Raceway. The Model X P100D sets a new world record for being the worlds quickest SUV.

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DragTimes says:

Why going before green is ok!  

TheLonelyOwl 265 says:

On the second race the Lambo started on a yellow and at least half a second before the Tesla. Maybe he was so afraid of losing he saw the yellow as a green 😅.

Maury Moreno says:

Tesla es una belleza

No Name says:

imagine not wanting a tesla

Mouwcat says:

5:09 the lambo went early lmao

Splitxy says:

Who honestly thought a Tesla would beat an SV? It’s like a Mouse, and a Cat in a fight. A bulldog and a chihuahua.

Tyler Davis says:

Yeah the Aventador definitely lost he was launching before the light was even green

Rustymoon says:

Lol it would be more embarassing if the semi truck beats the lambo OOF

Martin Villamea says:

R.I.P aventador

tomfreed says:

All that noises from motor, tires and dity pollution still can't beat the EV which is the opposite no noise just quiet with zero pollution. ICE cars are about to become extinct. Ready or not here comes the EV revolution.

I don't know about you for me there will be no ice car purchase. Tesla Cybertruck is my next ride. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hakuho Sho says:

Which one is easiest to crash tho , Tesla wins

Hakuho Sho says:

So a little longer track and the lambo wins

Mike B says:


andypacmanperez says:

aventador jumped vs the s lol

mike malo says:

How many decisions in my life steered me away from having toys like this?

Red Paris says:

You know the age of internal combustion engines are ending when an electric mom can can beat a lambo

0xc1d3 says:

Electric imagine 20 years from now even…

orang bete says:

This is actually stupid. Very unfair, why would people compare a supercar with an suv

wadautalkina beet says:

Imagine if tesla out a green light sensor update for drag racing

wadautalkina beet says:

I'm not even sure about life anymore.

JamesNathanielVlogs says:

A rocket scientist must make Tesla’s

NCS Sounds says:

Dont mess with the silent ones in school

Aaron Lowe says:

Now imagine what happens if you gave the Model X a 6 speed transmission

Johann Scheer says:

Lambo starts to early everytime it wins.

Random Traveler says:

While for Lamborghini it's humiliating, who wouldn't take the Lambo?

Qualeb says:

The debate between electric cars and ic cars is the same as pc vs console, pay a shit ton of money for a car that is ludicrously capable of insane high speeds or pay less than half that for a car that is still gonna give you the same thrill

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