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Tesla Model X vs Toyota Land Cruiser tug of war

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Do not try this yourself. Tesla might void your warranty.

The guy in the Toyota claimed that studless tires were better in these conditions. We did a test to find out.

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furulevi says:

Repeat the test but let the "fossil" move a few centimeters, start the Tesla a bit later.

Rishab Iyer says:

Tesla will continue to smoke any ICE vehicle thats not purely dedicated to off-roading on tug of war tests… why? Instant torque. By the time the RPMs are up on the Toyota for it to produce peak torque and power, the Tesla which has 1 gear with instant torque will already have gained a few metres.

Albert Dominguez says:

That’s not a Land Cruiser that is based on the 4 runner not Land Cruiser

Mario van den broeck says:

Why even put the brands in the title ? This is a tire test

Pedro Teixeira says:

O Tesla também é 4 rodas motrizes, além de ter um binário muito superior. Estão a comparar dois automóveis muito diferentes…

Account deleted says:

Tesla vs G class with Traction Control off, ESP Off, No ICE and Snow please, 4WD on

Account deleted says:

Schon dumm sowas auf Eis zu machen xD

brandon reed says:

But that is a Prado, not a real Land cruiser. Not saying a real Land cruiser would win though but I'm sure it would have done better.

4285kenni says:

Yeah, well add 400kg and similar tires to LC and you might call it fair. Its all about traction and weight…

TABANO™ says:

Que se lo haga a un Land Cruiser serie 60

TABANO™ says:

Chiquita falsa

w1sd0g says:

"Oh shit!" XD

ktl2001 says:

Put it in 4×4 low and get better tires?

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