Tesla Semi Acceleration

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this time I show you the video of the tesla brand electric roads, search and edit the acceleration videos I hope you like it and do not forget to help me by subscribing please and there is little left for the thousand subscribers 🙂


SamiPro.M says:

Thank you for watching my videos, and also for subscribing, I thank you with all my heart, my friends and colleagues for being part of this channel 🙂

gracias por estar viendo mis videos, y tambien por suscribirse, se los agradesco de mucho corazon mis amigos y fracias por ser parte de este canal 🙂


This isnt going to work for otr, maybe local.

Isaac Vargas says:

Anyone else see that Miata lol @0:35

RoyalePlayer126 says:

Parece el de Transformers jaja

Lotus says:

Say goodbye to the days of semis being stuck to the right lanes

Bob M says:

Like tesla cars aren't dangerous enough. Wait until these things start plowing into stopped vehicles.

Alan Barboza says:

A peter would leave it in its fumes

Tony Chapin says:

People dont get it that truck being able to speed up like that is bad cause 85,000 pounds dont stop on a dime that truck will kill more people then a regular truck with gears

ant says:

If I ever lose to one of theses trucks Inna race,I'm buying a prius

Bril says:


What a word

Ozzy Rosas says:

I wonder how much lithium they need for one of those?

Asanda Mbali says:

It moves so weird, soo fast it almost does seem real.

Nick Allen says:

Trevor, send a prototype over to Sandy Munroe and take the "SANDY MUNROE CHALLENGE" to prove your tech and production costs.

Taxi2906 says:

Love the sound it makes when accelerating hard 😍

wagner ribeiro rosa says:

Caminhão feio da Bixiga

Anton Bily says:

I wanna buy one just for fun

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