The $1.6 MILLION Rimac Concept_One Electric Hypercar!

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The Rimac Concept_One is an all-electric hypercar with four electric motors, one placed at each wheel. It has impressive technology like torque vectoring and a kinetic energy recovery system, and it makes a whopping 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque. Just 1 of 7 units in the entire world, this Mexico Blue example is the only one currently for sale at Manhattan Motorcars in NYC!

Interested in this car? Email VG@MANHATTANMOTORCARS.COM and tell her I sent you!


Luciano Lizana says:

I liked the concept one design so much betther than the two (minimal and sleek design, beutiful proportions) but i guess i didn't look hypercar-ish enough

warpspeed says:

Two much out of focus shots. Either get a better camera or learn to use it better. Nice content.

christpher hill says:

You did a very nice job in presenting this car

Mark Shaz says:

Every single part of this car is manufactured by Rimac in-house.

overtaxed says:

Rimac is RIMAC, learn it allready western people for fuck sake, have some respect if not inteligence , no K just C, so 'RIMAC ' . Pronounced rih-matz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Autolist Canada says:

So much excellent information… very well done 👏

BolfromCroatia says:

Rimac is the best

doot doot says:

pronounced rih-matz (:

exiownage says:

Wouldn’t buy. The C2 is coming soon. Well done Nicole!

intersanctum says:

I found it funny how almost none of people know how to pronounce Rimac, and I'll just add that blue ivy isn't a tree. It is ivy with partial blue leaves, and there is a tree on isle of Hvar with lots of ivy on it so thus blue ivy tree.

Danny R says:

Thanks for the vid. I only know some about the external side, but nothing internal. Learned quite a bit today!

Jonas Weber says:

I'm a huge fan of Rimac and I learned so much! thanks! You're the next Doug Demuro 😀

Amanda Hugankiss says:

Great job Heather! This is the most thorough hands on review of this car I've seen online. Really groundbreaking Youtuber stuff. Awesome!

miroslav gardilcic says:


Aedifex says:

Wow, most detailed Rimac Concept One review. Inside and out. Nice job!

Ricardo speedtype r says:

Wao great job nice car nice videos in love it wao fast I want it

Kenny Fabre says:

Wow, I Love Rimac.

Dig Bick says:

I feel like the world doesnt even know this car exist despite there only being 7. So the fact that you did a video on this car, makes you all the more legendary. Thx so much for this.

Turbine 633 says:

Sorry Heather try the A5 electric AMAZING

Azspeedin says:

Wow Heather…great get!! Your killin it

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