The 1000 HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale on the road in London!

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The 1000 HP Ferrari SF90 Stradale on the road in London! +Start up and Acceleration Sounds!!!

Hello my friends and welcome back to the channel!
Yesterday, on August 1, 2020, in Central London, i spotted this amazing Ferrari SF90 Stradale. In this video you can see some driving scenes, a start up sound and the moment when the car was loaded onto a trailer.
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digon migon says:

ugly!! is that a Corvette? 😂🤣

Luca Romani says:

Io continuo a pensare che l'aspirato è il motore più bello ed affascinante del mondo !!! Potranno fare motori con 3000 kv turbo, ma non avranno mai quel fascino che esprime il sound di un aspirato !!!

Davide Accorsi says:

Under the italian sun, the Ferrari red looks much more vivid, much brighter…

Charles LeChair says:

We live in a time where SF90 is stronger than SF1000

savedJedi says:

with FXX K the coolest Ferrari. Never forget how I saw the premiere.

encinobalboa says:

Front looks like a Chevrolet concept car. Ugly.

mentre tengo says:

El mejor auto de toda la historia

Michael Woolcock says:

Filth on four wheels!

JsBlazIN says:

Let's hope Lamborghini keeps their exhausts because these things sound terrible

MOVX says:

Beautyfull Car!

eresgolfin says:

Fuck sf90 and all the other 8 banger ferraris. All sound worse than a dyson and ferrari should ONLY go on producing 12 cylinders like that 812 wat a sound wow

Yatharth Pandey says:

Feeling proud that yesterday world's first rhd and india's first Ferrari sf90 has came

Donny Escobar says:

Habe Ihn In Phönix Geld

R. Blacky says:

Its not so spectaculare like a Lamborghini Aventador,or a Ferrari F40-F50, or Fxxx! this car is not so nice like the others!! Sorry Ferarri its not a best job you ever do!!

Konny Xx says:

The window has a Problem lol its yes just an Ferrari

Buktownx says:

headlights look like a camaro from the 90's and taillights from a vette and exhaust from a Ford GT…..ugliest Ferrari ive ever seen….sigh

Pelican gaming malaka says:

The wheel looks like it's lagging

Pedro Pedro says:

Sr 90, belíssima máquina.

Bobby Hoping says:

should have put exhausts further apart and number plate in middle, looks shit where it sits and kills the back end

The Lord of Guidance says:

The front end is hideous.

23Piccolina says:

Its almost embarrassing how many peasants line up to photograph and video this car. Poor bastards, they'll never get to ride in one, much less own one. Cars for the .001% Couldn't help but think when they put it on the truck, it was being delivered to Shmee, Mr. JWW or Doug DeMuro! ha ha Millionaires thanks to all of us (suckers) who watch their channels and provide them with income.

TheFunkhouser says:

No Corona give AF there I see >_<

Javed khan says:

looking like they have painted a lambo in red

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