The $2 Million Mustang Eleanor!

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This is the real 1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor 1 of 3 Hero Cars driven by Nicholas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds. The car is valued at US$2 million and has one!

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Supercar Blondie says:

Check out the original Ice Charger from Fast & Furious here –

Thomas Moore says:

Beautiful car, although I don't like the color……. I always wanted a 68 Shelby but could never afford one. Thanks blondie, love you AND the cars. Tom Moore

Ashton Abel says:

fuck this car

w m says:

She is not sexy at all.
But that idle sound is. 🙂

Abhimanyu Rajesh says:

Oh of course they don't take down the video if its a girl… Makes perfect sense…

Pamela Sweeney-Daley says:

Supercar Blondie, if you need a co-pilot ever, never hesitate love. I swear you have THE BEST JOB!!
Pick up Ozzy Man , and we'll bring that party to the states. and BTW, it sucks you had to go easy on Eleanor. Bummer…

jmak says:

That car is so fucking sexy wow

The Secret Life Of Plants says:

At least she delivered the car safely

Bernardo Salgado says:

Fast forward to 3:40 she Dnt know shit

amine amine says:

This is the car I wish I could own one day I feel like I will lose my mind when I see this car

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