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The 2018 Renault Megane RS Proves Power Can Be Overcome With Agility

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We drive the new Megane RS on road and track to find out if it can still compete with the fastest hot hatches!
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Pierre Guibert says:

There is nice french car at the moment !

Andres Bula says:

i wish we had this car here in colombia:(

Tiago Ventura says:

This Megane is so beautiful. Renault is improving their design. Well done.

Kevin Bridgewater says:

Awesome cup car!! Great video

M. Ronge says:

Hail to the manual gearbox. Fuck The Automatic

Abdallah Sayeed says:

Try to drive a starlet gt.

Carl-Michael Aoanan says:

this needs to be brought to the US

Jules Braken says:

The wide wheelarches really fit the car!


De la merde

William Barwick says:

Nice car, not sure about the rear lights though ?

Ritonerfpls Nerfirelia says:

wow I always tought that car to be ugly but this new is really beutiful

warwickstingray says:

Not as chic as a Golf GTI. What a tool.

Zio Ark Unleashed says:

This looks soooo good. Reminds me of the clio 2 182 a bit from the profile. And looks super fun as well!

Michał Be says:

I’d stick with the toy one… no more french cars for me… ever

Tom Harding says:

as usual, awesome. are there any project videos coming out? literally aching for a project mx5 or lexus video!!

Mina Milad says:

leaving a comment

mistreku says:

I think this looks just as good as the Golf R.

Gonzalo A.B. says:

Hope this will blow up Type R time in the ring.

Valery Isaieva says:

Four wheels steering isn't only cool but necessary if you like slalom as I do with my Prelude:) there are not too many cars with this technology so I'm glad for new Megane! (please dont send me this small one – car from 2018 not for me really :P)

Craig Brewer says:

Better than their F1 car

Thomas Ernes says:

I really want it. Amasing car

Chris Marsh says:

Best review's are found here ??

Supergabri 12 says:

Good review

LoneLongRider says:

some one know how fast it is on the Nürburgring?

Ben Cook says:

If it's not made out of baguettes and cream cheese … Renault are onto a winner.

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