The 2020 McLaren GT is The Real Everyday Exotic Supercar You Can Daily Drive

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#McLaren has built a reputation among elite brands for building extremely desirable hand built supercars. While most of the McLaren models like the 570S and 720S are ferocious on the track, trying to daily drive one can be a bit of a compromise. With the all-new #McLarenGT, it promises to be the very first McLaren to challenge other rival #GT cars like the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Aston Martin DB11. With a price tag north of $200,000 and a look that will attract attention everywhere you go, the latest McLaren supercar is every bit deserving of its name with a lot more practicality thrown in.


Redline Reviews says:

Happy Friday everyone! It was such an honor and privilege to be able to spend three day with this amazing supercar. Hope you guys enjoy this video, there's lots of facts, driving, giggling, and humor thrown in 😉 If you've got $250k burning a hole in your wallet and want to stand out while being comfortable on the road, McLaren has built one hell of a ride.

Roblox content Only says:

It looks like a c8 corvette from a distance

Jordan Lindman says:

And the MSO Cerulean Blue is definitely Nice on this GT

Jordan Lindman says:

It definitely looks like a 600LT Or a 675LT or a Mini 720S or 765LT

Geet Purohit says:

Is this the ludus blue colour of the car ?

Nebderf 350zHR says:

Do these use Mercedes engines?

Geet Purohit says:

Is this colour ludus blue ?

Kevin Murphy says:

They could have done better with the interior…horrible

Shivanand Ramdeen says:

Would you rather a 720S?

Byron R. says:


I wish I was your neighbor guys

King Amongst Kings Sr. says:

Is the color$3500 or $7500??? You said 2 different prices for it

teoff16 says:

Looks like a Corvette.

Lord Adams says:

The editing is what's gonna drag this channel down

vapor4den says:

2:50 Its at 3'500$ 4:07 Oupss Price goes up to 7'500$ ?? Make your mind Sofyan lol

SSFURY827 says:

Who came from the richest

bmx687 says:

Not that my opinion matters – ill probably never own one, taste is subjective, and im a nobody – im not a fan of the look. I was on a rally earlier this year. A GT was along for the ride. Even in person, i wasn't impressed. Its too tame looking compared to its brethren to me

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