The 2020 McLaren GT Shows the Versatility of One Platform – One Take

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The 2020 McLaren GT is the result of what happens when McLaren decides to make the opposite of an ‘LT.’ At the opposite end of the Sport Series weight spectrum, the GT is the heaviest car in the range at just over 3,300 lbs; by any other manufacturer’s scale, this would be featherweight. But for McLaren that means adding all kinds of soft leather, trick glass, and storage room. And so rather than truly competing with traditional GT’s from Bentley and Aston, McLaren has set its sights on the *other* dynamically superior GT, the Porsche 911 Turbo S, which is priced comparatively.

McLaren provided the vehicle, insurance, and a tank of fuel for this review.


HoratioHoodoo says:

Rather have an 812

Sean says:

Does the car come with a lifetime warranty becuz being a McLaren it will spend most of its life in the shop.

KAIZEN says:

there's no way the smaller, lower slung 720S
is more comfortable than the GT..the physics alone
Matt heavily biased soft spot for small track cars
& the 720S is too much flashy stunt now, i wouldn't. not today

KAIZEN says:

GT choice versus Aston DB, RR Wraith, Ferrari Roma
imo, McLaren all day
the fusion of F1 supercar x GT competition
& now new 'rona world order says no more gas cars by 2030
legends like these will be treasured..the spoils before dying
as for what happens to the oil world, gas prices, we'll see
im not too fond of driving around with a big EMF radiating battery
nor this mandatory vaxinations plot, sending people down the spectrum
they divide & conquer. we must defend & conquer. it's mad max + art of war
wild times ahead bois, buckle up

KAIZEN says:

people kill me to this day,
still saying Porsche 911 is the best GT
it's a luxury VW Beetle..overrated..overpriced..outdated
classic heritage, yes. but today, crazy better options

KAIZEN says:

they nailed it. it's not a tiny go-kart for the track, it's good for the streets
it's got that Aventador spaceship vibe, but refined daily GT killer fusion
minus the show-off, envy provoking, bravado stunts of the Italian exotics
don't want that 'look at me, im rich' smoke, especially now. fly under the radar

KAIZEN says:

honestly, as an aspie, techie, engineer, auto-enthusiast
who's only driven sports cars since my driver's permit,
who studies quantum physics, metals, survival rates..
you've gotta go with a monocoque
on a budget, go i8. refined balance, go GT. asset allocation, go LaFerrari, etc.
otherwise, no matter how nice the design, nor how fast the 0-60, not worth the risk
in a lightweight space frame, youre just asking for it. too vulnerable. it's physics
it's not about you, doing everything right. "Never underestimate human stupidity"

KAIZEN says:

the C8 looks so cheap, no comparison, get outta here
the C7 all black at least has some Ferrari influence
but again, these deadly lightweight space frames
when you can have a legit F1 carbon fiber monocoque cell,
save your life against these imbeciles who text while driving

KAIZEN says:

there's a reason ferrari & porsche just copy McLaren now

rmp5s says:

Good God that thing is gorgeous.

Hollywood Filmz says:

The engine bay isnt separated from the cabin? How is the engine hidden?

Wesley Cherry says:

I need to go to LA just to see Matt’s new car garage and give him a fist bump. Dude is just a car guy. Legit.

Nebuchadnezzar says:

He's gotta be close to 300lbs. Not a lot of cars are going to be comfortable to him unless he gets a dodge charger.

Vivek S says:

Nice to see you finally wearing a speedmaster

Jay says:

I liked the seats

sxlx says:

kind of sounds like a stock 86

Brwn Dwn Productions CeB-OnIt-Music says:

Simply beautiful

Kyle Hawkins says:

McLaren is killing the game right now. So on point with basically everything they're doing.

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