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The $25,000 Challenge: BMW E46 M3 vs. Ford Fiesta ST

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The BMW E46 M3 is regarded as one of the best drivers cars of all time, and they can now be had for under $25,000. In our opinion, the Ford Fiesta ST is the best new car you can buy for under $25,000. So, which is better? We hit the canyons with both to find out.

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Kero Josephs says:

Ford fiesta reminds me a lot of my suzuki swift sport best bang for bucks

Paul Dykstra says:

Couldn't you get a Miata new for around that much money?

Christopher Hernandez says:

Got me a focus ST and its fucking AWESOME 😀

Efren Flores says:

These 2 cars arent even in the same league. This is insulting to BMW

Chris Trupp says:

I know people don't get it, but this video actually makes sense when you think about it. Is it worth paying for current tech and a new car or an old euro that's gonna break.

Ben says:

Funny, even with the wrong Fuel this article seems to imply the Fiesta ST was close. It needs at least 91 octane to perform well.

Ben says:

Steering feel is very electronic and muted (but nicely weighted) in my Fiesta ST, I'm surprised to hear the M3 has worse steering feel.
From the BMWs I've driven they seem powerful but they all feel way too heavy. I prefer nimble and light weight, except when it comes to steering, it's nice to have some weight and feel the connectivity to tires and the road.

Jötrö YT says:

fiesta is best!

Rick Singh says:

What a load of crap

J.R. Galluzzo says:

5:19 to 5:36 That's right, nothing to bloat the car! If youre buying a M3 for any other reason than to drive then youre doing it wrong. A really nice wheel, a nice shifter, nice pedals, and a glorious inline 6. What more do you want?

Doesn't make sense how a car with a semi-truck shifter throw, fwd, torque steer out of corners, is slow, and isn't particularly good looking beats a car thats timeless and obviously a drivers car according to Matt.

GG Ford

Sarah Minifie says:

this video should be called how to lose credibility among driving enthusiasts.

hugo hernandez says:

Come on a fiesta vs a m3????? how is this even in comparison ?

Andrew Wixson says:

Fiesta st is the shit

Hussein Muhammed Alyamani says:

I am a merc guy but this guy is talking shit the e46 is the best m3 especially the engine is great

mickey oh says:

majority of the deuce bag trolls probably never even driven the fiesta st or the bmw and probably cant even drive a stick smh

Jamie Gavin says:

Have to remember that the 25k fiesta in 5 years will be worth 8-9k but the 25k m3 in 5 years will still be worth 20k+. Even with the silly BMW repair costs it will still work out cheaper. Worked out with the mileage and service costs for my e92 m3 it's cheaper over 5 years than a golf bluemotion when you factor in depreciation.

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