The $3 Million Lamborghini Sian Unboxing in New York City!

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I attend the crate unboxing of the new Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, the first supercapacitor-based hybrid V12 supercar! As the fastest and most powerful Lamborghini ever, the Sian (the name means “lightning”) is a special beast and only 63 examples will be made.

The Sian unboxing took place at @Manhattan Motorcars in New York City. It is painted in Verde Gea (matte green) with Oro Electrum (rose gold) accents and it is the first Sian in the American Northeast.

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Aris1956 says:

A true work of art ! It looks like something from another planet.

Aris1956 says:

0:02. We talk about Lamborghini and the Porsche logo is shown.

e1 awesome says:

This supercar is not likely …

Haris says:

Why 3 million 🤦 ?!?!? Redicoulus ! just like me speling 🤣


I am pakistani boy


Please give me lamborgini

Jason Duvall says:

I bet I couldn’t even afford the car cover with the lambo insignia on it.

Essa Youness says:

ماء شا الله 😍

ali bos says:


Ras BኒYaም says:

This model looks similar to Zentorno

tropickman says:

The back looks atrocious. Huracan Performante is still the most desirable for me

I am says:

I skipped half the video to avoid watching people just doing nothing

I am says:

too much dicking around for a car in a box there is more people with camaras than actually working

Samphot D. Chea Official says:

Good reviewing super car

Don Hale says:

How on earth can a car cost so much. Money stup

Lost In the world says:

This is $3 million car. Lol

Nita Ardian says:

I just focused how people take camera for record that car. It nice.
Thanks for share this video new Lamborghini. God bless us

nao yonekaw says:

transporte maritimo ou via aerea

Nune Xachatryan says:

Klass Sienn,brdei

Nune Xachatryan says:


Tadeusz Niemiec says:

👍 Pozdrawiam serdecznie 🌺☕🍰

Jesus De La Rosa Moreno says:

Why I hear a movie character on the background 😂😩

Arnold Matagogo says:

Only for millionaires.

Huzaifa Khan says:

Nice lamborghini sian😘

Brendan Raz says:

Nice video taking,i enjoyed watching. Thanks lady 👍🥂

Keshava Aumritum says:

now that's what I want for Christmas if you're listening Santa.

ashawn cummings says:

This video is nice my family have one of this car

Einherjer Patriot says:

Für die reichsten Gangster der Welt gebaut!

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