The 50.000HP Pagani Huayra BC | Forza Horizon 3 Dev Mods | How fast is it really?

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Can we hit the speed of sound in our 50.000HP Pagani?
What crazy cars do you wanna see?

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Thanks for watching! Really appreciate it 🙂
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The Racing Monkey says:

I heard the Koenigsegg Agera RS just set a new tospeed record…457 km/h…thats cute

Can we hit 777 likes for more Fora Horizon 3?

PS.: NFS Payback is coming 😉

Tafari Dean says:


Riley Tully says:

Once I saw the title I thought it said the 500hp pagani huqyra BC XD

Lila Meyers says:

Do you play “need for speed most wanted?”

Lila Meyers says:

I’ve got this car in Asphalt Street Storm

Blue Fires says:

Ford GT Horizon Edition (Full Aerodynamics) you can choose the HP

zoomer says:

Yeah I like crazy shit

SlaiceYT says:

Nice Video!
Ich liebe dass wenn du immer so komisch "a little bit" sagst ???

TrickishTick824 Ryan says:

the title said 50 HP

mooh _115 says:

How you can do that???!

Violent F1 says:

Can u do a 10,000hp lotus 3-11 with 810kg of weight

Hus 9 says:

when moding alway increase the grip, rpm , hp, and brakes

Blender GT says:

7:47 The red passing car says K

Travis Wolfe says:

Where did you buy your controller?

Suicide Gamer says:

Ist das gemoddet wenn ja wie macht man das an der Xbox

Bape D says:

My bc is a level xxx 999 and it hits 400

Super7474 says:

wait it has 50 hp?

Елена Миронова says:

4 Gear And Fast Jump

Елена Миронова says:

Huayra BC And Agera R

bartek jasica says:

I love dis car !!!!!!!!!!!

Peppermint Butlerr says:

Imagine if you see this on the street

Alfie Laycock says:



Play with both grip and power!

Sean Daney says:

How do you get it to be so fast

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