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The A-Class test drive review | Mercedes-Benz Cars UK

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The Taylors take the Mercedes-Benz A-Class into town for lunch. On the road mum and dad discover features they weren’t expecting in a hatchback – like the advanced safety systems and customisable driving modes.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

To book your own test drive, click here https://forms.mercedes-benz.co.uk/testdrive?model=a-class&csref=mbuk_vc_a_class_url_101115

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asam farooq says:

The cars from my country Germany the best cars

Segaetsho Segaetsho says:

nice Yu did good bro mercedes

Segaetsho Segaetsho says:

nice Yu did good bro mercedes

CaptainSazzman says:

This is just an advert

zachary fitzgerald says:

You alright shaze yeah dav

zachary fitzgerald says:

What's with the hair wave lmao

hizzbani says:

LOOOOL My dads 2010 prius does the same thing

dirk heinz says:

Mercedes-Benz Germany Super

Bruce Vayne says:

Nice car but it's still not as good looking and nowhere near the drive that a BMW 1 M-Sport is.

Andre Andre says:

They were obviously paid to do this review haha

Sam Wright says:

Hi Mercedes Benz uk I have just orderd this car in SE trim iv been told it will be ready in March how long do a classes usually take to make

Mohamed Aboosalih says:

I got this car for my 18th birthday

Mark Wright says:

Honestly for the price, this is a killer car. I have seen cars from all over brands and nothing appeals to me quite like this car does. In a couple of years time when I get a better job and my insurance costs go down I am really considering leasing this car. I expect by then Mercedes will have an even more impressive car. Good job! I have even been recommending this car to my friends and family.

chuk90 says:

what makes mercedes special? some brands also have bluetooth and parking assist

MrEternalpk says:

What's better the a class or the c class

maryan aden says:

Vbdfwuwjdgytweurducc feeling jebel the best thing to do it for a while ago and it is not a good time

NorthernRail says:

It seems that the Taylor family have also been driving the GLE Coupé and since then have randomly gained another child.

Richard Mark says:

it likeable easy to park and safe to drive

Sakuna Swona says:

Simple the best for me…

RS2002 says:

I got the A220 Amg line for my wife who has had it for the best part of 2 years and she has loved it. A great size and despite the slightly harsh ride and low profile tyres it has been faultless. The only negatives we have come across are that parking sensors (PDC) are not standard, the non-xenon (halogen) lights are poor and the boot is too small for the Stokke stroller so it rides with the baby in the passenger seat (not ideal!)

N says:

Can't get more obvious at the fact that they have been given a script and told to follow it by Mercedes. Wow you can connect your phone through the Bluetooth? Like which car can't do that today.. They had the girl talking about the grille and cameras

Hardeep Aulak says:

The girl at the back had no seat belt on :/

Vegeta Belgium says:

Belle démonstration ; )

Eric Pickering says:

The women needs to use the parking assist, classic

jjcross1994 says:

Test drove one. Nasty ride lots of road noise, Cramped dashboard, despite being well made. Nothing like what I expected 🙁

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