The Aston Martin DB11 Costs $250,000 – And It's Amazing

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I recently spent the day with the all-new 2017 Aston Martin DB11. Here’s a tour of all its unique features — and a driving review.

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APE Suit9 says:

U ain't funny don't try to be.

Rich Tygart says:

I prefer the body, especially the rear of the db10

gunius123 says:

i have big love for modern cars, but too much electronic device somehow always gives me anxiety that one day it will breakdown

Garth Goldberg says:

The back roads in Summit, NJ take you right to the town dump.

Ralph !noa says:

here after finding out Machine Gun Kelly’s DB11 got stolen right off his driveway

Eric Losh says:

Yeah that partnership with Mercedes really makes the car complete

Such a beautiful sports car and such derpy infotainment beforehand which really isn’t where I would want quirks, just want it to work

The interiors seem even nicer, like they don’t have to waste time making an infotainment system that sucks so they can work more on everything else which man they excel at

Paul Malhotra says:

they did not skip a number they made the DB10 for Spectre and it`s only a movie car

MisLead says:

Wheres is Doug's Score???

Tooploop says:

those whirs are awfully loud for a $250,000 car

123 AverySmith says:

I see that Portland Maine Sea Dogs shirt 👍🏼

Alan Che says:

What came first?
DB11 or Ferrari Roma?
Becuse they look the same.

Clay Foster says:

I thought I heard Jeremy Clarkson say something about the seatbelt warning sound being a subtle cough sound effect

Clay Foster says:

I’m surprised the engine wasn’t just a pile of leather

Rhishab Dahal says:

You know detail is payed attention to this car when you have a soft close hood

Nick Tsam says:

Do the rear seats decline so you can fit skis?

Jaden lee says:

who's here for asphalt 9 legends?

Madara Uchiha says:

I am jealous of this man 😔

M Stelios says:

Don't they always skip a number?

David Mekhail says:

In New York

David Mekhail says:

My friends dad has it in blue convertible

Brian Crawford says:

They skip7db10 because it was only in the Bond movie

זה סודי says:

5:15 that was SCARY AF

זה סודי says:

When an aston martin is more practical than a Miata
This is truly the darkest time

N says:

i think they did that to the hood to justify the strange Price Tag

Joe Pepe says:

Wealthy people can afford better cars. Whatever.

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