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The best debuts from Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard is always a hotbed of brand new supercars, amazing new road cars and awesome racing machines. 2021 is no exception, and the first day of the four featured debuts from cars including the Lotus Emira, Aston Martin Valkyrie, Lamborghini SCV12, Glickenhaus SCG007, Toyota GR 86, Ineos Grenadier, BMW 2 Series, Ferrari SF90 Aperta, McLaren Artura and more.

You can expect even more awesome first timers over the next few days, but for now here are the ones we loved the most today.

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Goodwood Road & Racing says:

Which of these would you take for a spin up the hill?

Chris Viera says:

The cars amazing, but can we just appreciated the camera work here, it is literally like watching forza. These camera operators are top notch with the fast zooms and smooth glide shots. Kudos to the director.

Krish says:

Remember what Jeremy Clarkson said after the Renault R24 did a hotlap? "Road Cars in 20 years will be as fast as this". It's coming to fruition and I'm so pumped about it!!!

(I'm just a teen)

DubbyDominate says:

I hate those 4x4s I mean the ones that all drive them around on the streets. Those things need to be taxed to death, most people drive them can't bloody drive. I love cars but people don't use those things for off road, things are a death trap.

Markus Beck says:

The Aston sounds amazing.
Like a formula 1 car 😎


What's with the earraping music at the start and then no sound from the runs? Every car should be at least as loud as the Valkyrie for us to be able to hear anything, according to the sound editor's logics.

Chilibe says:

New Lotus looks amazing

TL says:

The new Defender looks very nice.

Shaun Walton says:

Wow, how crap do modern cars sound, if at all.

xXquackiXx says:

Why is this video that silent?

Bill Weeks says:

I was hoping for Project Binky to make an appearance.

Cheezdealer says:

new 86 looks like a Civic from the back, bleh

KLMNT says:

If only Goodwood could find some budget to have microphones…

Matteo Cecconi says:

Festival of speed but not able to put the car spec on a video, some little YouTuber in their bedroom do better come on guy

Bas says:

I like how the SCV12 looks like new car, but kind off has an old school race car shape to it.

Matthieu Claisse says:

Thanks Lamborghini for the lovely music sound 🙂

Joao Paulo Viana Ladislau says:

6:35 If the Mercedes G-class and the old Land Rover defender had a child.

NGC 7635 says:

Right, forget Murcielago SV, forget Diable GTR, the Hurican STO is now 100% my dream lambo lol

Jeremy Stig says:

On pics i thought the new 2 series lookwd weird from the back, now i think the front looks weird.

Lukas Murmann says:

Brand new Mercedes, but with their old interior 🙄
Why didn't they update it with the new S-class interior?

Radek Ptasinski says:

0:12 Lotus Emira
1:56 Aston Martin Valkyrie
3:04 Land Rover Defender V8
4:18 Toyota GR 86
6:32 Ineos Grenadier
7:52 Lamborghini SCV12
9:07 BMW 2 Series
9:41 Porsche Cayenne GT Turbo
10:24 Alfa Romeo GTA
11:18 Maserati MC20
12:15 Ferrari SF90 Aperta
13:02 Lamborghini Huracan STO
13:26 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 007
14:17 McLaren Artura

Kshitij Dudhaiya says:

The Defender V8 Was MEATY sounding😍

Vorakij Punyashthiti says:

I was expect some twin drift from GR86s.

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