The BEST PAGANIS at Festival of Speed 🤩 | Zonda Barchetta, Huayra Roadster, Zonda R & More!

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● In today’s video you’ll see an incredible line-up of super-rare and exclusive Pagani models racing up the goodwood hill during the festival of speed. From the track-only Zonda R to the very first Zonda C12S and also a couple of Huayra models!

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rob duncan says:

6:24. anyone know what that car is?

Андрей Андреев says:

Поганый внешний вид, с названием совпадает…

Luke Daniel Galon says:

i saved this for last right before gt2 clubsport,lamborgini and then mclaren and then this.

Oscar Thorpe says:

2:12 oh wow is that horacio himself?

Victory - Exotic Cars says:

1:13 someone redlined his zonda

Arvan Chaudhury says:

Thanks for the big green arrow, without it I wouldn’t have spotted the car.👍

Jason Waterfalls says:

The Zonda R is still one of the best sounding cars ever. Thank you.

19Maxi95 says:

Love the Zonda F Roadster

Qumulater says:

Pagani keeps on bringing more and more to the supercar table. Love the Zonda and Huayra.

AP13P says:

Ah yes, more music to the ears.

SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel says:

EPIC PAGANIs….I hope this quarantine ends soon…Greetings from Slovenia

Jonathan Bowles says:

I'm a simple man. I see a Zonda video, I hit thumb's up.

Sandro Sobreira says:

Best V12 sound in the World

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