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THE BETTER FENYR IS BACK! GOLDEN MAX Zenvo TS1 (6* Rank 4514) Asphalt 9 Multiplayer (feat. Rulue)

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Rulue tests her Zenvo TS1 at golden max in multiplayer! Enjoy 😀

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Slippy & Fiora – Zenith
Stan Chetverikov – Frozen

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realrishiiscool Gaming says:

Why when I liked it's 399 not 400 triggering

Princess Jane Gentiles says:

is rulue a girl?

The Jimmcrafter says:

Punch Nitro can improve the drift radius and is like the little brother of the floaty drift

Suraj2 Kumar Chhatria says:

Why it’s not slipstream 🤔

Soy Sauce says:

My daily car loot and credits run events are gone! Do you happen to know why? There supposed to refresh at 8:00pm, but this time they just vanished.

Ronson Sahadeo says:

@feuerrmFilms why not redo the entire class system and make tier level cars throughout the entire game. Like for instance you know in legend league there are many b and a class cars and well some d and c class in golden legaue and so on. Instead of doing it by class why not do it as overall good and better cars by a tier system.

Michael Costello says:

Floaty drifting increases your speed because the 360 knocks the car a bit off balance, lifting the inside front wheel. This limits and reduces the speed loss that occurs during drifting. Similarly, firing nitro and then drifting immediately also pops the inside front wheel up, having the same effect. On controller, you can do shockwave punches which offer acceleration through a turn in addition to the wheel lift, allowing turns at nearly top speed. With keyboard or mobile, you can’t really do shockwave punches.

Amon Kangwiya says:

Close call!!! 🤯 6:24

Asphalt222 says:

I learned punch nitro a while back but don’t use it much

Gubgubithepro says:

I don't think anyone has pointed this out but if you look at the hennesey venom's unlocking tips it shows multiplayer reward so i think it will be able to be unlocked by doing multiplayer

LIL RAMS says:

rulue is a girl,naniiii

Cycryllic says:

I thought punch drifting was A8. I tried it in A9 and didn't work

UΞRK™️ TEDDY!!! says:

0:15. This is probably the first time in 3 years I've ever heard of an asphalt 9 player say "her" when referring to another player. Or maybe I was just living under a rock this whole time🤣😅

SOT™lGeorge says:

Rulue is a girl?????

SirMoogleDaKing says:

Yessir, I am not the first but the 69th comment. "Nice"

Lykan Pawcio 21 / Lykan Yukino says:

Woah Rulue. Never stop using a Zenvo TS1. This car is killer for medicores

O: says:

A girl who plays A9

You don’t see that every day XD

Cooper CCL says:

0:41 There goes that red speed hacking helicopter again XD

Maddy😱😱 says:

In my device Asphalt 9's icon has been changed to Porsche 911 gt2 rs clubsport.
Is it for you guys?
Happened after the update.

Frost says:

idk how but i learned punch drifts 3 months after playing

Just call me Justin says:

I'd say this car's essential along with these cars and their reasonings (probably everyone knows this but for the beginners to look out for):
Cars always guaranteed as a condition in Unleashed events:
3* Zenvo TS1 GT Anniversary – also good for maxing Trion Nemesis
3* Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 – also good for maxing Lamborghini Egoista
3* Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren – also good for maxing VLF Force 1 V10
3-4* Acura NSX 2017 – good for maxing Cadillac Cien Concept
Porsche 911 Targa 4S – (if ever a D-Class unleashed event happens) and also good for maxing Rezvani Beast X but 718 Cayman is needed to Golden (sometimes included in D-class car hunts)
Cars (nearly) guaranteed every time in Car Hunt conditions
Trion Nemesis
Lamborghini Egoista (I haven't personally seen this appear)
VLF Force 1 V10
Cadillac Cien Concept
Rezvani Beast X

Hope this helps a few of you to know what cars to try and get, but yet again you don't need to follow this

remaG_modnaR says:

ngl I kinda forgot about this car

RollerBlades 25 says:

The Fenyr And Mazzanti Killer.

Ya_Dude AndrewYT says:

Nice! The return of the Foorum Cat Car 😂😂😂😂

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