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Aston Martin have finally given us a look at the new Vantage build on the DB11 platform. We also got to tag along witht he winter testing earlier this year.

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Anna Kuptsova says:

Catchpole does a great job..perhaps better than most motoring journalists…but…all this “new” stuff is hype/bollocks…
Come on..”only 195 mph”. WHERE CAN ONE DO 70mph CONSTANTLY……

Anna Kuptsova says:

Hahaha..and as much as we LOVE the DB5…that was a dog to drive for many…BUT….You can have a beautiful girlfriend…and much the same….
Troublesome…a nightmare to be with..extremely beautiful..but NOT great in bed (even if in a good mood)..and very high maintenance….plus afterwards needs constant attention…

Anna Kuptsova says:

…But…if badge BS in this day and age suits you..well go and sign on the dotted line..ME…well I am happy with my classic..from the ORIGINAL old world and school…. doesn’t make 200 mph….but gives you old world driving

Anna Kuptsova says:

To me it’s like getting a Spitfire and putting either Maybach or Mitsubishi engine in it….MISSES TOTALLY the point…

Anna Kuptsova says:

Aston is no longer pure…AMG engine…Sorry I’m out…rather get a classic instead…

tommi dunn says:

Without doubt one of the best looking Astons ever made, perfect from any angle..

warak anda says:

Good to see that AM maintain its ID in all its variants with the duck tail and the bulging wide buttock, it’s so sexy, including in this latest model. That was how i fall in love with my Vanquish which I am owning till now. Planning to upgrade hihi. Congratulations AM. Really really marvellous. Thanks bro..🤓👍

Nick Kohlhafer says:


Gregory Thomas says:

Henry’s admirable efforts notwithstanding, no amount of hyperbole will mask the fact that this car is a disappointment by Aston standards. It would make for a very impressive Toyota sports coupe, but for an Aston it looks poorly proportioned and unfinished.

Reynout de Court says:

Dreadful review. You didn't even drive it!!! You didn't mention the Jaguar F-Type V8 SVR; cheaper, better but not as sexy!

Stephen Graves says:

Should've kept those DB11 headlights tbh.

Arslan Khalid says:

Henry's even better than this stunning car

mrpmj00 says:

The headlights are boring Mazda mx5. The center console should have been moulded into the dashboard instead of an iPad from Costco.

gii SB says:

the vomit color leather is attrocious 🤦🤦🤦

The Anime Libarian says:

I think astons look the best in red

CJ Fernandez says:

front end ruins it for me. rest of the car is beautiful. looks like it got into a nasty front end accident.

Max Fitt says:

I simply adore the new technology displayed in the new generation Aston …

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