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The Bugatti Divo Is the $8 Million Ultimate Hypercar

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The Bugatti Divo is a really, really special supercar. Today I’m reviewing the Bugatti Divo to show you everything you need to know about the $8 million ultimate hypercar. I’m also showing you all the quirks and features of the newest Bugatti, and I’ll drive the Divo to let you know what it’s like on the road.



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michael mcgraw says:

Even if I had the money for this car it would get trashed with all the deep pot holes around me. I wonder how owners deal with that, probably just dont drive rural roads

Jason Kovac Official says:

How do you top this? 😅

Rqlk says:

Never thought I would hear “the performance version of the Chiron”

Dee-Bee Kooper says:

Why is everyone making these cars in these ghastly color combinations? It look just like that hideous Lambo that also looks like an Anime car.

MR P L A Y M A K E R says:

Doesn't all the chiron has 1500 hp 🤔

David patterson says:

With the money you could buy some truly collectible cars.

David patterson says:

Gay car! Wish I had one to sell.

wittafa says:

Doug is probably the coolest nerd on the planet

Collin Lutz says:

Thinking about getting one.

Peter Konig says:

Do you think Doug would be capable of speaking if his hands were tied down?

OMG Batman says:

Wait, under the hood it says '1 of 40' does it mean its really the first Divo ever leaving production? Or are the Divos not numbered somewhere?

Murtaz K says:

in india you can build 200 thousands affordable homes with 8.5 Million $ Vs a car . i dont know what to say

Timmy Ingelbrecht says:

if you're interested you can review my volvo.

Bob Bob says:

Dream car. Unfortunately, the only way I'll ever get near one is if I win the lottery.

Jonty Crow says:

Dumb ass rating system 😂

Forrest Wallace says:

Super car, hyper car… anything else?

Zeyad Mosharraf says:

The thing is the airflow is actually for cooling the brakes

Frostensen says:

Quentin Tarantino of car reviews..

Lud says:

I think this is one of the coolest looking cars ever. I like the look way more than the Chiron

Smugcato says:

7:05 just don’t mind the Rolls Royce in the réflexion of a Bugatti divo

renuka Nagul says:

For the Bugatti chiron and divo are same no major changes..

Damian Sco says:

@(14:12) "1 of 40" Since all the cars are 1 of 40, there are two ways to take that but if this car is really the very first of the 40 manufactured, then Yes (as was already mentioned below) who was the owner who allowed you to review it? Sounds like a Bugatti big shot!

Damian Sco says:

Door shaped grill? I thought we learned from you that it is a Horse shoe…

J P says:

The interior is ugly as f

I.T.M InTrueMental says:

People are paying 8 M dollars for a little pile of metals and plastics, which are destroying theyr living environment, when they could save 8 millions lives by giving them some food and education… Rich people are evil.. " this money is mine i do whateven i want with it ", u don't even need it, do something usefull with it u'll die and meet Jesus, and u'll go in hell living by this way

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