The Crew 2 – Koenigsegg Gemera Chasing A Bugatti Divo At Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Taking my whole family in a Koenigsegg Gemera for a drive in the Grand Canyon National Park when suddenly a Bugatti Divo flew by!

Full customization of Gemera & gameplay:
The Koenigsegg Gemera is part of the upcoming MotorFlix Season 2 Episode 2, The Game update for The Crew 2. The Gemera will be available for purchase on 19th May and it will cost 2454900 Bucks or 350700 crew credits.

Divo driver:

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IsuckAtDriving says:

Koenigsegg Gemera will be live on 19th May!
Full customization of Gemera & gameplay:

Its Devv says:

Here idk how to grind in this game , dont even hai money to buy GTR

Gestro YT says:

The chase

Nikhil Chaudhary says:

So the divo driver is having his joyride and youre chasing him with 💯 effort 😂

Nikhil Chaudhary says:

irl, the chase would have stopped here itself 😂 1:16

Icecube88 says:

the graphics look bad. is this on medium settings?

Antonio Smith says:

4:22 all hail the king

Antonio Smith says:

You need some good driving skills to go very fast on a road like lol I’m really bad at driving lol

Known says:

Those graphics leave much to be desired. Yikes!

Tommy gun says:

Tfcmiku is a hella good driver I'm not gonna lie 🙏🏽

Lindo Walker says:

This is actually dope 🤣

LonelyWRLD says:

Reminds me of “Need For Speed The Run”

Adwin Rahmadi says:

Forza Horizon Graphics is the best!!! nothing can beat it!!!

NYC Flyboy🚀 says:

Great vid, but why was it stuck on 1st gear going 200+mph 🤔

ykhs says:

This game looks and feels worse than FH2 from 2014.

Mr. Cap says:

That shit movin 😂

Danilo Barros says:

Isad why don't you make some assetto corsa 2014 with mods for us?!?!? That'd be great xD

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