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The Differences Between Jeep Wranglers – Sport, Sahara & Rubicon

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Korry Clarke of Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM & Hyundai of Pocatello explains the differences between the Jeep Wrangler Sport, Sahara & Rubicon. If you have any further questions, please comment with them and we’ll do our best to answer accordingly! Thanks for watching!

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elli003 says:

For about 2 bucks you can get a microphone wind-screen !

jerkyturkey007 says:

I was looking for a video that bad more to offer in the way of tech info between the different models… not just seat stitching, power windows and paint matched roofs, why didn't he show us the vanity mirror for the little lady, (snort!)

Damien Neal says:

2018 jeep fest in toledo ohio look in to it… Home of the original willys jeep and only producer of the jeep wrangler see you jeep lovers there

Sandra Mccoy says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing

razorreilly10 says:

Which would be the best option for some highway driving in the snow (50MPH+) and also doing some jeep road mountain passes in the summer, along with a road trip now and then? Would automatic or manual be better?

Trey Sullivan says:

Wow, great info but buy a lapel mic!!


That wind noice is horrible

Dave Power says:

wind noise bsd

typejlb says:

What about the motors are they all the same?

Jade Terlaje says:

I actually teared up at the Jeep dealership from where I'm at. Here on Guam, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport goes for around $43,000+

Najerea says:

Thank you for this video! the wind blowing is a little much lol for headphone users lol but overall good video. I am purchasing a Jeep Wrangler as a CHRISTmas gift for myself this year and I was trying to come to decision between the Sport and the Sahara and this video has helped me make my choice. I am going to further justify my decision by checking out the links to each of the in depth reviews , the links, provided at the end of the video! God bless u! <3

Marc Gabriele says:

You want to sell more jeeps.Get Bigger engines with more with horsepower.


the audio was terrible

Catalina Pizzafrola says:

I can't hear you!

Yolo Drone says:

Check out my rubicon trail video. Aerial shots from my drone!

Brayden Ferguson says:

what about the willys wheeler

Brian Pshyk says:

perhaps a wind screen on the mic?

fabordonez says:

Great info. Thanks so much. stupid wind….

joshertvu says:

was this recorded with a potato?

TheDude says:

I suggest buying a sport, and adding everything you want yourself, and saving some cash. It willalso feel more personal, and interesting than a mass produced stock rubicon… unless you have tons of money and can beef up a rubicon.

Stephan Rahi says:

what about the engine ?

corey84douglass says:

what is slow crawl ratio?

Shaun Brehm says:

The axle lockers for 100% positive traction, on the Rubicon, should be said immediately. There is not a big jump between Sport and Sahara, but there is a Huuuggggeeee Jump between the Sahara and the Rubicon. Peace.


Thank you so much.

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