The Fastest Car In The World? Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

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How Fast Is the Jesko Absolut? The Fastest Car Koenigsegg Will Ever Make.
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The Jesko Absolut is the fastest car Koenigsegg will ever make. The vehicle is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine which produces 1600 horsepower while running on E85 fuel at 2.2 bar boost pressure. But it’s really clever trick is having an exceptionally low drag coefficient. Compared to the track-focused Jesko, the Absolut appears fairly similar, but there are quite a few aerodynamic changes in order to reduce the drag coefficient. This includes removing the rear wing, removing the hood ventilation, smoothed out the fender louvers, which actually still have holes in them, but with reduced drag. They’ve removed the front dive planes and winglets, altered the front splitter, and taken out the added downforce from the side vents by straightening the air’s flow. They’ve added dished wheels, which is a removable piece, for reducing the rear tires aerodynamic drag, and the rear of the body has been reshaped with a sharp cutoff, further reducing drag, as well as the overall body length being longer. The ride height has also been slightly lowered, and since it doesn’t have as much downforce, it also has a softer suspension. You may wonder why the fins remained on the car; Koenigsegg found they actually reduce drag, rather than increase it, by redirecting the vortex generated behind the car. The car still needs some downforce for stability, peaking at 150 kg, about a tenth of the Jesko’s maximum downforce at 1400 kilograms. Combined with the Jesko, there will only be 125 made.

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M Lambert says:

I did the math and I'm saddened to report a top speed of 5.6 miles per hour.

Mateo Gomes says:

Am I the only one who thinks the normal version of the Jesko is better?

Flashback bcm says:

You lost me at "force times velocity…"

Justin Higgins says:

No one is doubting your math.

Fattagraf says:

You were just 1 mph of!

SAJJAD vella says:

Thank you man, You are a real engineer
keep going….

cosmic unicorn says:

you dont even know how to say the name right

gregory palamara says:

you lost me waaaaaaaaay before 6:00 hahha i love it though , def tells me that I am more theoretical then practical !

Dee Magagula says:

Yes! It's a Jesko, not a yesko😅

Anesta Barnett says:

Wats fast jesko or chiron?!?

Jonathan De Souza says:

Me: Wants to be a car creater
Watches video: internal screaming

zacarias fangueiro says:

You can say "Yesco" so why don't you just do it? Now let's see the video…….


This would be great when trying to get through texas

Joao Alegrio says:

Longer but square back 🤔

Martijn Muller says:

"Removed the rear wing"
The Stig has left the chat

Different Fins says:

I hate the hypothetical top speeds and all the fake 'official' videos I've seen. We should make 0-400-0 the new standard to be measured by since most top speeds are controversial anyway.

0-400-0 kph is the new 0-60 mph

just some random car guy says:

If koenigsegg attemps the speed record and does the same mistake like ssc did I might get a lot of hate

Alberto Montante says:

Did he wrote U for watts?

Dr Vic says:

Brilliant video as always!!

Duta Btm says:

Now i know why Christian is bald… Aerodynamics purpose !

LifeOn2Wheels says:

I am more impressed with your math than the jesko

Claudel Washington says:

Jesus Christ. I clicked on this video hoping to see a fast car haul ass down a straight away but instead I got a MIT math conference.

Olivia Lambert says:

I'm a little sad to realise that this car loses more horsepower through the drivetrain than any vehicle I have ever owned has at the engine.

FutureLight says:

These mathematics are better than my online classes, Yayson

David Manning says:

I mean if you wanna lose views because you insist on saying the name wrong that's all you buddy 😂

Robert Karlsson says:

Math was decent 😂😂

Robert Karlsson says:

This man is a genius 😱


Ha it look like this video was made last year and the Jesko is still not a proven vehicle meaning physically getting out on the road and driving over 300 miles an hour so at this point the steel height and the Bugatti is steal the real car that actually did it

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