The fastest Porsche 911 ever made | Turbo S

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The Porsche 911 has a turbo boost button but you only have 20 seconds to use it!


Jerry Magday says:

Porsche turbo s or gt2 rs?

Volvo S90 T5 Inscription says:

뭐라는지 하나도 모르겟네 ㅜㅜ

Werner Pohlmann says:

I have it in black

Timo_Saurier _ says:

Yes, this car is subtle in a way and you woudn‘t expect what that thing could do, yet it will destroy all these fancy looking, overstyled Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the blink of an eye. That‘s Porsche’s philosophy and that’s why we love it.

Aktar din says: Blondie'.madam

Saša Rodušek says:

Šta reći.Porše.

Ben says:

Someone bought her a LEGIT ring. Now I know why she is in Dubai. 🙂

Irakli Inasaridze says:

Blondie )), problems with rounding? )) 3,745>3,75>3,8

Peter Rossum says:

Clearly not a real car lover but a bling lover

zhengzhouchen says:

thats my ride, and the cup is smoking pkg. i hope u can do the 992 gt3 sometime .

Harry Axe says:

Porsche is a very conservartive company. Tradition!!!

Harry Axe says:

Starter design is driven by Porsche Racing Tradition.

Harry Axe says:

How to unlock door when the battery is dead?????

MJ says:

Beautiful car but it's true "without the badge…" And why in hell they didn't put a start button ?! 😒

Martin Hristov says:

its the ash F……. tray !!!

Dump it says:

2:00 Thats one positive Feature! I dont want to Show People in Rich.

R Dev says:

I can't believe at 5:20 – What is this? Really? It's an Ashtray with lid for center console storage compartment. It's part of the Smoking Package. What kind of auto journalism is this? It seems the reviewer didn't do sufficient research about the vehicle prior to the video.

Andrea Alessandro says:

I don't like

Tiwa Boonchu says:

I like your reviews but please improve your stabiliser. Thanks

Graham Hall says:

To much drama attracts the cops like a magnet 👀

00benlee says:

I like it because it’s not flashy and It’s a good daily.

slim shady says:

this is the quickest car. Your eyes just cant believe

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