The First FULLY OPERATING Aston Martin Valkyrie! (exclusive)

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Finally here is a fully functioning Aston Martin Valkyrie complete with V12 engine and hybrid drive train! The Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 engine developed by Cosworth and in conjunction with RedBull Racing – the engine alone develops 1000bhp making it the most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever to make it to a production road car…and that’s before the 900nm of hybrid torque and the 11,100 RPM rev limit!

It’s amazing to see the car take a massive step closer to it’s production status and with this iteration the quality of the craftsmanship of the Valkyrie is really starting to show…








mind driving the goddamn thing?

Josemon Saji says:

Valkyrie or Senna?
Which is better?

Black Wolf Alg says:

Aston Martin 😘

Mc Wind says:

i havd this car in Real Racing 3

Lynne Barkas says:

So is this car meant for the track or the highways?

Craig Shealy says:

It’d be great if they can keep the car as close to this as possible.

GoldenAye says:

For some reason I think you would only drive this on a racing track because on a normal road with speed bumps and pot holes I think parts of the car will come flying out like the panel underneath back

Ahmad Muhammad Albiruni says:

Jesko rivals

Fabiano C says:

I'm not buying one until they're available. Otherwise, yes.

biltongeater smith says:

Non skippable adverts puts you out of the game son…. and nobody likes a show off laters

Arghyadeep Ghosh Two says:

It's the future of supercar designs… And the future is now…

Jameel Ja says:

That looks like God levels of downforce


Yooo i got this in gta 4 freeee

Gone Jegory says:

Rectangular wheel is a rip of from the Austin Allegro!

Archis Marathe says:

dEwBaUcHeE 🅱️aGnEr

M. Jackson says:

Painful to think how many of these will never see the track.

Gibbet Hoskins says:

They are calling it a "road car" but clearly it's a track car

Ezekiel Toh says:

what is the difference between break horsepower and horsepower?

xxxGoliath says:

Dewbauchee Vagner😁

ChuttsBeatLab says:

Needs turbos

Shangram Mohammad says:

The Valkyrie… So when will the Vulcan come into street legal production?

That still is to this date a beautiful car!

Play GT says:

New rivals for the mclaren p1, 918 spyder, p1, huayra and others.

Rani Martinez says:

I know I’m a year late, I’v been on holidays… this is exquisitely awesome.

Vineeta S. Prasad says:

Too many adds

BillyC500 says:

8:26 Absolutely absurd and I love it

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