The first Koenigsegg Gemera on U.S. soil!

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This stunning Koenigsegg Gemera demo car has landed from Sweden, getting ready to go on a North American tour!

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Jay's Cast says:

thanks for reviewing my car at home, I hope to see you guys again if you need a test drive just let me know.

Travel & Trips says:

Would be awesome if they could priced it like a Toyota or Honda. 😂 what's the point of having such a beautiful car that could only be driven by the ultra rich ass..

Anders Eriksson says:

Don't like the exhaust tips up high like that. Car is meh. But the Swedish flags on the seats are cool! Also I don't like the big i-pad on the dash screen. Should be integrated into dash. I'd still take the car but yeah.

Hammer Sandoval says:

Not built for American roads, this car will come apart from terrible roads😲🤔

stickersadd20hp says:

Looks like they copied TESLA on interior screens. 🙂 Nice work Konig

Paul H. says:

Even rich people are can be mentally challenged.

michel Gerard says:

Never mind the PERFORMANCE (which is mind boggling)… that thing is simply A WORK OF ART & ENGINEERING…. that VON guy is always taking it to another level.

Roberto carlos Barajas says:

Esa nave es de Don Koenigsegg

79 Monte says:

Um other than flexing your wealth complete waste of time to bring to the USA

Sardonic Spartan says:

That interior is horrible, lol

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Christopher Tan Tsjun Moon says:


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