The Koenigsegg Gemera is a Family Hypercar with 1700 Horsepower

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The Koenigsegg Gemera review is here! Today I’m taking you on the most thorough tour yet of the Koenigsegg Gemera, and I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the Gemera — and I’m going to show you the Gemera in detail, inside and out. Check out my Koenigsegg Gemera review!


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Nathan Childress says:

Doug, I understand you’re a quirks and features guy rather than an engineering guy, but it’s a shame you didn’t mention Koenigsegg’s amazing “Freevalve” technology which does away with camshafts and allows that tiny 3 cylinder to efficiently make 600 HP! It’s an incredible feat that makes this car even more special and revolutionary. Just an FYI, loved the video

SpeedSeekerMoto says:

I feel like owner just made an amazing car for him self and sold it to balance cost.

M.F CHANEL says:

Pls fix ur audio

fkalf says:

You know it's going to be a good video when you look at the title and can't figure out how to pronounce the name of the car.

Charles says:

does it come in black?

Donny Southwell says:

Thumbs down for the ads in the middle of the video

Togo Toons says:

I just want that dash floating camera device. I'm a sucker for floating orbs.

Todd Hart says:

I just came across this channel. How does Doug get to check these cars out?

M says:

Somewhere between 600 and 1700hp the car becomes retarded looking

El3ctr1c SiX says:

Very modern Porsche…in a good way. In the back like a boxster, in the front a even nicer Taycan.

Buddy Blair says:

I love the styling. It’s eye catching and exotic while remaining pleasant, almost calming to look at. I think a lot of that has to do with the clean, smooth body lines. Lots of curves with few sharp edges. Swedish minimalism at its best. I can’t wait to hear it running. And of course, there is the inevitable question regarding the game icon on the rear screen: can you make it run doom?

saurabh mhatre says:

Ah.. another car meant to be bought n stocked in some insanely large garage for all it's life.

Yoel Badi says:

its such a weird car, that interior gives me anxiety and i cant figure out why

Kos says:

Даг, а как же выкатить её на дорогу и узнать как она едет?

kabelo gower says:

The backseat doesnt have airbags…

Uxqo says:

God going 1-60 in 1.9 seconds with the family. One small mistake could cost you everything😂

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