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The Koenigsegg Gemera Is The Best 4 Seat Hypercar EVER

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The Koenigsegg Gemera is a 1,700 horsepower four-seat MEGA GT Hypercar! This is Koenigsegg’s family car that can comfortably carry four adults, and do 0 – 60 in 1.9 seconds!

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Matt says:

"The Koenigsegg Gemera Is The Best 4 Seat Hypercar EVER"

Isn't it also the ONLY 4 seat hypercar?

Shayne Biggs says:

Uhh its the ONLY 4 seat hypercar

Machess says:

Lol, the best and the only 4 seater hyper car

Asher Nelakar says:

Who is this clown talking!?

shady vinc says:

Why are Americans so stuck with cupholders

Petter ! says:

Thor’s chariot 👍🏻

Khurram Akbar says:

the class has arrived no doubt about it….who's agreed?

Denstoradiskmaskinen says:

??? My car has 5 seats and it can do so with ease with only 120hp! Why does this need so much power to carry 4 people? LOL!

ByHDsolutions says:

There is another car of similar prospects (4 seat/sedan supercar: mid-engine V10) that nobody knows much about; est. 1995/US. – HD

jjtech says:

It's not making 1700 bhp from 3 cylinders for lord's sake! "Only" 600bhp, the rest is from electric motors. Also, the starting price is supposed to be $1,7 million, not "$1 million" Give or take $500k. I don't how did you manage to pack so much wrong information in such a short video.

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