The Koenigsegg Gemera is the MOST EXPENSIVE family car ever!

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Vagabundo says:

You deserve to be at least 10 times bigger Buddy! You explore very important niche on automotive youtube – cool cars for guys who have and love their families and want to share their passion with it. You just have to make more videos, then Im sure that car companies will see you and will undesrtand that is a huge market for such content and such cars.

asif dilawar says:

Subscribed 馃槉

Captain_Context says:

Koenigsegg should not limit the production on this car. They should just produce as many as people want. Let it be their first mass-produced model.

Captain_Context says:

Virtual Geneva show? It was the ONLY car that actually got unveiled at the Geneva show last year.

Darck D. says:

its funny that you say "producing" while there will be only 300 gemeras available around the world Lol


Long gone is the youtube car vloggers fad.

bee patient says:

i cannot get over you leaving salomondrin..i know i know..but it makes me of luck..

Mark G says:

This should have way more views. Keep it coming

Ayush Deore says:

That intro tho馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏

Favio Reveles says:

Nice intro Buddy! Keep it up bro. Please do a video on the new full size Ford Bronco when they come out that would be rad!

Guille F says:

Amazing 馃憤馃徏

Seth Clement says:

Amazing work Buddy. I know it's hard at times but keep putting in the work because it is amazing and will pay off.

Massimo Caroelli says:

You should be writing movie scripts… the intro is engaging!!

Martin Mitev says:

Great content, nice angles, perfect story the only thing that I personally didn't like (but didn't bother me at all) was the shaking camera when you are holding it to vlog. Keep up the good work 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦

rsking89 says:

Damn. This has to be one of the most beautifully shot car video I鈥檝e seen in quite sometime. Keep the 馃敟 coming Buddy.

Max says:

Hey Buddy its Max from church! Great video dude, gotta love the Gemera

ARXV Photo says:

Please don鈥檛 stop making content

Motor Head 963 says:

Insane cars 馃憣 and as always awesome video

Andrew Miller says:

That car is absolutely stunning!! I鈥檝e seen a couple other videos with that car at that location and yours is by far the best. Great work! Keep up the great and keep the videos coming. Loved it!

Scott Chase says:

Great video buddy production quality through the roof can't wait until your channel blows up man.

Tony C says:

馃憞Like if you were online for the LIVE EDIT!

Isaac Shapiro says:

its not like youre getting a gemera lol… why make it about you

Hady Tarabay says:

Love the intro馃槏!! Great video!馃敟
Hello from Lebanon 馃檶馃徎

K3D Designstudio says:

Fantastic video buddy馃憦馃徎
A great live chat yesterday with the preview aswell. Keep doing your amazing content dude馃馃徎

ochexavier says:

Awesome videography

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