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Checking out the 3 latest luxury hypercars from Koenigsegg, the Gemera, the Jesko and the Jesko Absolut. Not every day you have a $10,000,000 hypercar lineup outside your house! Enjoy and let us know which one you would pick in the comment!

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Produced by Jon Olsson.
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Warren says:

Gordon Murray has entered the chat.

Indu Sethia says:

I want to buy that Gamera but when I look at my pocket I will be happy in an Volkswagen

Joel Reinhold says:

Usually never leave a comment but dame the editing/music for this video is on point!!

ori's vlog Channel says:

I take the gamara

Tim Magnusson says:

Gamera👌😍 and make "THE" jon style😍😍😍

Philipp Prömel says:

Wo ist der Reactions Boss?

Carspotter DT says:

I was the day before yesterday by THE koenigsegg showroom in puerto banus and THE jesko and regera and gemero ate there !!!!

Frans Badenhorst says:

Not sure about the $10 mil in title… 🤔🤔 and wow wow wow wow no way no way no way no way…..

Juan Santiago says:

Jon&Benny, what a perfect team. You are totally breaking the rules of vlogs with emotional and exciting content. Video edition is so cool, what a nice job guys

Dennis Anderson says:

The Gemera is beautiful and practical. I would choose the Jesko. 2 doors and that crazy rear wing.

Mick Wilson says:

Great show lads!

Anais Elias says:

I love your video but since the vlogging returned the sound quality when people are speaking is terrible I thought I would wait to comment after a few vlogs to see if you fix it yourself . Kindly moving the volume up and down between the music and the sound is not a good watching experience. Thanks !! Love from 🇹🇹

OlliTalk&Vlog says:

Car videos are awesome, but I really miss the Bali vlogs 🌴

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