The McLaren with Military Grade Superfabric!

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This is the McLaren GT. It’s McLaren’s version of a Grand Tourer so it’s got way more luggage space than usual. It can fit two full golf bags plus more luggage. It’s got extra bells and whistles in the comfort department too for those weekend trips away. There’s just one major concern i have. Check out the vid guys, hope you enjoy. Alex xo

Thanks to McLaren #mclaren #mclarenGT

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Supercar Blondie says:

Follow me on insta for behind the scenes stories and stuff 😆😘😘

bahram mobini says:

hi baby. very very very very very very very very good. thanks

cookieDad says:

That or the Roma? For me, it would be the latter. It's more of a GT, and honestly I trust the reliability more. That is still quite a big issue with ML.
But this MacLaren looks stunning, the exhaust sound is great, and very pretty color too.

Vishwa Samraat says:

Blondie why dont you be confident about your husband and bring him to the video instead he being just a camera man, u can get another one ,this he will also develop his own image like you…together you guys will rock the videos…👍🏻😆

Elli G Concepcion says:

Love it! ,❣️♥️❤️💞💕😍🤩 Love you too baby Supercar Blondie 😍🥰💋❤️💕💞💐🌹 💐🌻 Massive ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Raden Vanero says:

Gua liat setiaf Ari tapi kapan gua kesana bosan cuma liat

Shun Sato says:

I think new GT is what I want from Mclaren

Emre Ulutaş says:

This car is not a gt

ved ratan says:

Just love mc laren and w motors

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