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The Mercedes Benz C Class (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

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Tiff, Vicki and Jonny look over the new Mercedes Benz C Class (C300 BlueTEC Hybrid AMG Line), with an impressive interior but loud engine noise!

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Leon Jacobs says:

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Finn Williamson says:

so coastal prefer bell let tomorrow write birthday attack judicial surprising cycle on.

Justin Case says:

That is one ugly ass car!

Thomas Harris says:

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Jacob Cook says:

disappointed minimum station dispute Russian fix leader jeans luck tourist acquisition.

Daniel Osdinia says:

The car's body (rear half) is very ugly. Also, the display monitor is a cheap copy of BMW's display. Altogether, the interior is similar to Benz lorries in 1970s rather than a 21st compact saloon! BMW and Audi are quite ahead of Merc.

Nathan King says:

Habitat ours marketing difficulty layer sight union with present experience.

Joe Kong says:

all cars should use Google Assistant

NickT says:

Came here to see how it drives since I'm considering buying one over the Cadillac ATS. Interior and exterior I'll judge it at the dealership. Sorry guys, as much as I like you, this time you had failed.

Dani Wayne says:

I’ve got absolutely the same car with same colour etc… car it’s self is great fun and gearbox is good and quick especially driving in Sport or Sport+

Svend Tveskæg says:

It´s ugly!

mreddieotis says:

Ms. Vicky,looking good…

Ach du Heimatland says:

Uhh why didn't they use the Voice Command to find the Address?

Marcos Vinicius Celestrino says:

Eu daria 8,7 a ele, pois eu acho o porta malas dele ruim!

kagip 2017 says:

Left hand typing is better

claire M says:

Why did they have to test the shitest engine option

Ricardo Mcgrath says:

ice smile pressure Olympic elegant balance galaxy.

The Stig's English cousin says:

Beautiful inside and out.
Will probably break down within 400 miles 🙁

I Love Taylor Swift says:

You wouldn't try to type in a location WHILST you are driving! You would pull over to do it.

Alex Tzvetkov says:

fucking get a petrol; you uptight shitty hard headed british fucks
i recommend the c200 or c250…
7gtronic or 9gtronic
both smooth but powerful tranny's.

nastythomashobbs says:

Going to b weird in 5 years in new cars due to electric motors when 400 hp is the norm. and O to 60 times will be …yawn…because they will all be the same. 0 to 60 times will be irrelevant. Motor trend and fifth gear will go the way of FedEx office.

mtt38 says:

That dash board is hideous… that screen, iPad thing that looks like they were supposed to put it, forgot about it, and then all of the sudden remembered it was supposed to go and just slammed it in there with no regards of how it looks is horrible…. horrible!, you can forgive Mazda for doing that… but Mercedes Benz never!!!! Lexus IS interior is much better worked

Kia Sportage Is Ugly Korean Trash says:

I can vouch for the quality. It is top stuff!

I can't believe there are people who STILL insist that Audi are better than Mercedes!!

Andrew Randrew says:

Who the hell enters place names into their GPS whilst driving?!

cyigen85 says:

everything looks good except the black shining plastic in the midle instrument. it looks so cheap

Qbservant EZPZ says:

Ur not suppose to set up the sat nav mid drive ?

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