The Most ECCENTRIC Lamborghini Owner and his CHROME Aventador SVJ!

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Meet the most eccentric Lamborghini owner in the world! Join me to catch up with Bryan from Team Salamone and his fully chromed Lamborghinis, both the Aventador SVJ and Urus. You won’t believe all of the modifications that these cars now have!

Team Salamone are regulars on the supercar rally scene, from Gumball 3000 to Goldrush Rally and Bullrun, and always know how to put on a show. Bryan has actually owned and completed more miles in Aventadors than anybody else at around 175,000 miles and having owned an original LP700, Roadster, SV, SV Roadster and now the SVJ along with the Urus.

The two cars in the garage are heavily kitted out with full chrome wraps and chromed parts, along with reflective liveries on top. In addition there are plenty of LED lights, neons underneath and light strips. The SVJ also features a tank to blow smoke when the doors are opened for dramatic effect!

Bryan makes no secret of his desire to have fun, enjoy the cars, and put smiles on people’s faces and there is absolutely no doubt that Team Salamone are doing exactly that. While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, the eccentric attitude is enjoyable, filled with energy and entirely filled with positive vibes.

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Shmee150 says:

There are Lamborghinis and then there are Team Salamone's Lamborghinis! Meet Bryan, supercar rally legend, and owner of these two WINNING cars with outrageous chrome wraps and surprise features you won't be expecting! Be sure to follow at

jerry jordan says:

Good thing I was wearing my mountain climbing goggles while watching this video.

G0ddEity says:

That driving position is unsafe

Ming says:

Why haven’t I seen this car in a rap video? Bing Bing

Ming says:

The owner is a very modest guy. He’s not one for showing off his wealth. He’s really low key.

Daniel Rivers says:

Not trying to be rude, but at least this is his choice from what I can see…and with no kids this will be gone when the person is gone. Live life to the fullest I guess, but damn is it worth the materialism in the end? Humm?

Massimo Giannini says:


Spencer McElroy says:

Ferruccio Lamborghini is probably turning over in his grave. SMH.

Smiffdogg init says:

Peter Pan has a new hobby

Rehdnut says:

Im sorry but any car with white rims is automatically ugly.

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