The Most Expensive Hypercar Ever Offered Is A Limited Edition Saleen S7

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Check out Saleen’s website as of writing this it’s still there:

Everyone makes typos, but usually not on press releases. I stumbled upon this and just laughed at the thought of it and then began to roll on the floor when I realized it had been up for almost a year without anyone noticing.

Saleen filed for bankruptcy and had a few left of S7 Chassis laying around. So to put them to use, they’ve decided to come out with a 1300hp Commemorative edition S7. They have 7 chassis so there will be 7 examples. Interested to see one how long it takes before they correct the website and two who buys the cars?

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Herbie Shapiro says:

As of March 2019 price is still a billion

Carlos Danger says:

Mclaren had there hands in the s7 look for the mclaren badge on the back

Dante Branconier says:

“You, Saudi guy, even you’re going to have to call your accountant”


RIKy4life says:

Should have just left it someone would buy it

Janusha says:

Fun fact… The Saleen S7 gets a lot of credit for being good because it raced in the LeMans or GT series or whatever it was… But those cars were built in England. By professionals. Not by american cowboy amateurs. They are built to a MUCH higher standard.

Janusha says:

Saleen light weight carbon fiber chassis??? What is he talking about. The car is a welded steel tube and sheet-aluminium chassis with some carbon body panels. Thats it. Its not a real car.

Brick City says:

Unsubscribe. he only . story telling waste of time no car action this guy just talks about the past and not a owner of a show car never. only a bum talking, use to own ,or sold this ,and ,that of a car👎👇💩

mike stang says:

What about the Vector, it's was/is a supercar USA built, 1 billion, may take a while to sell all of them or even one…..

Mohammed Zain says:

Dont mind me I’m just here from roblox ultimate driving westover islands

King420x says:

Wasn't each S7 custom fitted to each individual owner when new? I could be mistaken for another car

Mark K says:

Still the same price lol fail

Darian Perisic says:

I hope that’s a joke lmao who’s gonna buy that for a billion

Tucker Garcia says:

Rob, you should put more stock photos of the cars you describe. I know you have the Saleen in the back, but imagine if when you were describing how beautiful it was, you put up so close up pics without you blocking them. Oh man that would have been great.

digimon916 says:

Vector w2 was the first real american supercar. Some of its parts were literally taken from fighter jets, including the "gauge cluster".

desanti_offroad says:

now everyone finally knows what dr. evil needed a billion dollars for.

Deependu Bag says:

what bull shit 😂

jdmercard says:

All this dude does is whine about this and that. He boring and lacks the creativity that other automotive YouTubers bring everyday.

Konstantinos Poundoukides says:

it is still 1,000,000,000.

mian fazle razik says:

Foolish people are still gonna but it IDK why.

vette0812 says:

So 3 weeks later, it is still for sale for $1B haha

MaxSpeed says:

At 1 billion dollars no one is going to drive it. True garage queen

Second Hand Saleen says:

if you ever want something to laugh at, look at allthe typos on their Instagram and facebook.

Matt Hibbs says:

It’s 1 million, look it up.

GoalieTributesHD says:

Wasn't this car crap?

Viktor says:

Definitely a typo

IcemaN says:

The Salween S7 is my favorite super/hypercar ever to be made

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