The Most Powerful Mercedes AMG!! | GT 63 S 4Matic+

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With the launch of the new Mercedes AMG GT 63s 4 Door, they have created the most powerful and quickest factory car in their current fleet due to it’s all wheel drive. The car has 639HP and accelerates 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds – on top of that it’s a 4 door sedan!

Once the Project One hits the market, then this will be the most powerful.

The car that I tested costs an incredible US$241,000

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Fight Justice says:

What happened to your lips?

No Searches says:

A quiet little town…with not so quiet super cars driving everywhere lll

Joseph Abaño says:

what i loved about mercedez amg and cls i know it can park on its own.. so its awesome

Joseph Abaño says:

i loved mercedez benz cls amg.. its a super hot and hot sports car

shaa NR says:

Show the car not your fucking face

Al Casino says:

The Honda Civic 2019 and above has the autonomus driving too. 🤷🏾‍♂️

There El MQ14 says:

Women do not appreciate this type of engines I’m sorry

Robdrums Studios says:

Nice car! Wow

Anthony Rojas says:

awesomw,lovely video!

Ghajini Songs travels says:

Which place babe??

Jacob smiles says:

She doesnt look like a natural blonde

Gottlieb Dee says:

04:53. Is it a family 4 door saloon, Really?
No, you even picture it NOT being a 'four door family saloon',at 07:26.

If you'd said it about an E63 then yes.

joop pils says:

So you pay 1 grand
And still hands on the wheels ?
So the point is shit car

RakJkd says:

Great video

Juned Khan says:

You are always a lot more beautiful than your cars☺️😍 #love_from_India

Cyrus Cyrussian says:

What is the price in US dollars?

Cyrus Cyrussian says:

What is the gas mileage?

Kam Kanda says:

I find Supercar Blondie a very pretentious presenter, more blonde than substance……

Muhammad Asyraf Sallehuddin says:

Even you hesitate to hands off.

Darryl Washington says:

I'm in love with mercedes benz!!!!! I'm going to buy several benz

Taurean W says:

Love the car
but that was probably the most bland review I’ve seen her do.

Daniel Blake says:

Love you like a baby Lamb loves mother

Birju Sahani says:

Supercar blondie I like it

Khalifa Ahmed says:

Is it just me or I feel bad for her a little cus of the amount of energy drinks she needs just for YouTube

That's dedication

Zayn Ava says:

Everyone like if you find this true!

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