The NEW Aston Martin Victor [836hp MANUAL V12]

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Renier Christiaan says:

Manual cars are terrible to drive

Bobby Dazzler says:

Stang…it’s actually a complement.

Todd Sullivan says:

such a nice looking car shame about the horrible steering wheel should have ben carved out of a single piece of chestnut with carbon inlays.

haml28 says:

disgusting material in manufacturing, plastic cars… they should be made of steel not junk… and they are worth 100's of thousands lololol crap

Dan drives says:

I have legitimately never wanted anything more in my entire life

Leo says:

Has a mustang vibe to it

Lee Lifeson says:

To me it looks quite old-fashioned.

GlennyBlom says:

Thats some beauty!

Giovanni Butti says:

what's the model at 2:51?

Kytes93 says:

Mustang body kit

Kris Marshall says:

ugly wheels ,ugly car, must be made for American market

jonny films says:

best looking car in my opinion

werner prost says:

It looks like a mustang on the front haha

Yiannis Hayabusa says:

Awesome amazing fantastic superb marvelous magic I love it

LarryUK says:

The Matt carbon fibre looks cheap.

Priya FF says:

Agent 47


looks like a Mustang 🙂

ThatPersonThere says:

Aston Martin are a British brand, yet it’s a left hand drive? Very confusing but very cool

venomtail1 says:

First exciting car from the car industry in the last 10 years

eliza przywozna says:

3:50 not sure if it is fair to comment about amazonian tree to be used under the car to protect a piece of carbon fiber. Even if we are talking about an extraordinary car like this. Apart from that, is a nice car.

kevin cuckow says:

beautiful from the side and back ugly front and inside. but ı bet it sounds and drives like a dream

Marcello Darrel Prieskananda says:

British version of mustang

Daniele Profitta says:

I cry …….i would

Spencer Moon says:

ffs left hooker noooooooo

Gertrude says:

Looks like it’s been taken over by chavs!

giles hamilton says:

Sorry id take the red RS next to it ….

Mark Thomas says:

Awesome this thing should be in the new Batman movie 😂😂

ABCD says:

Like a car from Cyberpunk

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