The new Ferrari SF90 has arrived in Perth! MUST SEE! Pt 2

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Anh Nguyen says:

The steering wheel still on the left.

Pedro Jr says:

Just change that silver front for a black detail OR just put the 458 italia front on it… Then you have a perfect looking ferrari.

Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation says:

If the sports car is kissed by the BB, the faster sport car run, the longer the kiss time…Haha……hahaha

J Cer says:

What the new corvette tail lights should've looked like!!


I love this car

Anthony Strunk says:

I hate the wheels

Mark Enriquez says:

It has the tiniest rear window.

Farid Firdaus says:

SF90 look like heavy from behind

Chawee Innphon says:


Pat Martin says:

Whoever responsible for front end should be fired!

Daniel Pletcher says:

They need to bring back Pinna Farina because the new Ferraris are butt f**** ugly

Bm บันเทิง บันเทิง says:


Bill M says:

Good god what a mess. What happened to Ferrari?

Jesse Varela says:

Front reminds me of a 1990's camaro 🤷‍♂️

daej312 says:

Why ruin it with the silver???????

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