The New Porsche 911 (992) | Chris Harris Drives | Top Gear

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Doorhandles that pop out? Cupholders that bump your elbows? Pinky fingers getting trapped? Chris Harris delivers some actual consumer advice… and then goes really sideways. Watch his verdict on the new Porsche 911 here. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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Mr.Borrany says:

Anybody knows the background music? Thanks

Matthew McLoone says:

The car seemed a bit too polished for Chris's tastes. He came across as kinda ho hum about it to me.

geriallo says:

I bichieri tanti.

jean claude says:

how does he do that !!!!

Alvin Prince says:

Too many gadgets a lot of screens just a lot of everything I know its fast but speed is not everything. I know it's got the five instruments but porsche should make them more simple just like the 993 964 not with any type of information display showing in them, personally I rather have a 964 or a 993.

timsgta says:

Too bloated…view from the back has no definition…

New Personality says:

F Chris is a legend.

boos ter says:

Chris Harris is still my favorite Brit.

Philip S says:

“Sorry what was my gt3 touring” lol what a shame. At least he got another one

Sahak Dulguerian says:

"There you go, in all it's glory: Two fans from a gaming PC and a plastic badge that says 3-litter S" 🤣🤣🤣

infidel900rr says:

Chris is great as always. That long horizontal bit of plastic in the front end is hideous… If I could afford it, I just might not buy it.

Ali Qazilbash says:

I think 911's are rather ugly looking bleep of imagination, I just want to have my future wife in one of these and that is one expensive "having" if I am honest, but she is worth it.. I am not an easy man to make go nuts for her doughnuts.. but I have… so here we are

mike chavez says:

You’ve got the best job in the World. The Fiesta Flash 🤙🏼🍺

andrew A-S says:

He didn’t go into sports plus and he didn’t press the 20 seconds boast button

Neil Rafferty says:

There was no chance of me switching when he was discussing the door handle .

Axl Schu says:

Carrera S or Targa 4 ??? Which one would you recommend guys

dhruv meena says:

Chris Harris inside his gaming pc watching is 3D rev counter….. nice

Tactical Fart says:

Short of the hopefully naturally aspirated 6 banger in the gt3….porsche has lost me. BMW lost me at the e92. I hate, loath the new turbocharged generation.

Bubinga5 says:

He really is THE best presenter of cars that has ever been.

mrNYlover says:

Every time when I’m driving my 911 on the German Autobahn I feel I’m flying like a bird 🦅across the sky 😎

Martin Boulden says:


pauly repa says:

Nice car but the ass is way to fat.😒

Rockit181 says:

shoulda put it in sport plus for track driving, would have quickened up the shifts on the excellent new 8 speed PDK as well as allowed for more slip angle and decreased body roll. Can say from driving one on track, it's outstanding overall

Ian H says:

Those door handles force you to go underhanded to open the door, whereas before you could quickly open the door from any angle.

J P says:

it didnt wow him, but he didnt drive the turbo s either

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