The Pagani Huayra BC – Official Video

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The name “BC” represents the initials of Benny Caiola, a person who has greatly inspired Horacio Pagani over the years. Benny was so impressed by the passion and technology of the cars Horacio was designing from the very beginning, he made history as the first customer to buy a Pagani Automobile.

The Huayra BC is the most technologically advanced Huayra Coupé yet, introducing innovative technical solutions which will be applied in the Pagani cars of the future. This not just a “restyling” of the Huayra, but a product that includes innovative changes in every part of the vehicle. It’s a car that has a completely different personality to that of the Huayra Coupé.

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Kirbyex7 says:

Ahh my favorite car.????

Happy Videos says:


Valeria Del Fuoco says:

W the my Sicily. ..!!

Sauce Boss says:

I would lay under a moving train for a car like this

李文冠 says:


For Pagani Huayra
The long wind naked his broad chest,
Then the blue universe hold back her beautiful face.
He is seeking for a thousand of waves,
but hard to find peaks lasting thousands miles.
The landscape is listening to his loving songs,
with steel melted into his whereabouts.
With one riding the human world laughs,
and a beauty will be met on the winding road.

CoolGuy YT says:

I have petron Pagani Huayra BC White

LorenzAssassin 1O1 says:

You can buy this on petron there is this white thing similar to this one too

Guy that does More that hotwheels says:

I don’t really know what BC means

Xiang Wang says:

this car handsome

Iori Yagami says:

I can only imagine what kind of friendship Pagani and Benny Caiola shared that Pagani dedicated a whole car to his name. You dont find this kind of emotions and relationships anymore anywhere.
Benny and Pagani are really lucky.

Haeser says:

Music: "We Wish It Was Never Light, Ryan Taubert"

KTM Trooper says:

Sorry pagani the image you set up in my mind by the zondas isnt matched up by the huayra!

Faris Ali says:

horacio I just can not understand why do not care about th top speed

David Vega says:

please, can you tell me how the place is called that is displayed in the 1:24 minute.

Explore17 says:

I want to trap Horacio Pagani, Christian von Koenigsegg and Elon Musk in a room for 3 days to discuss a car all 3 of them can work on. I desperately want to see what they will come up with! These 3 men are the revolution of Hypercars!!! Artist + Genius + Evolutionist.

Rouge63 Destroyer says:

The only difference is Pagani Huayra is a hypercar and most of the Lambos and Ferraris are sportscars and supercars

Cuseball121 says:

Please Mr. Pagani never stop making these incredible machines. You are an incredible visionary carrying on what other car makers have forgotten!

SML Car Reviews says:

such a beauty. I got to see one in person the other day and it really is stunning

satyam rajput says:

one day you will be mine baby

antonio lima says:

AMG engine !

Wheatley says:

A true Italian masterpiece

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