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The Peugeot 508 full review

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You waited, you emailed, some of you even tweeted about it…. here it is, the full review of the Peugeot 508 from The Next Gear team. Bob takes the car on the road and strangely underground too

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Matias Korpela says:

Do peugeot 407 review

Alex Bejan says:

I don't think you will respond, but wanted to ask you, if you believe that this car would be a good buy in late 2017, against a mondeo, passat and insignia? I want to buy a second hand SW model from 2013-2014? Of course I'll take the 2.0 hdi 163 bhp with a manual.

Ramzi Abdullah says:

It's a great car, love it after 3yrs and40k mileage


It is a shame that Peugeot is so overlooked and underrated. People dont even think of it when they rush to buy the VW Passat( a good car, but overrated imo), Ford and others. I guess enough marketing sells even s#it.
Price – great
power 1.6hdi – good // 2.0hdi – great
Reliability – great
Fuel economy – great
made from galvanized steel – rust prof – great
suspension/ride quality – made for comfort, but stiff – good
looks – good
interior – good

david norman says:

What a fantastic and sensational review! I'm really falling in love with this car and hoping to buy the 2.2 GT soon.

g00dfeeling says:

Nice, I'm going to by one of these from my company. Low mileage 1,6 hdi, discount for employees included.

Terminal Velocity says:

Very good and well put together review

Andy Evans says:

I've just bought a 2014 508 Allure 140 in Bianca White. I hope you're right or I shall be most upset….:)

Alexander Thomson says:

Hey, Very Brave! sand hook What's your opinion about !!

Conor Cränks says:

Great cars! Lovely to drive

potatocubes 30875 says:

I love the 2008 than the my dad's car (508) LOL

mi051225 says:

Peugeot (and probably Citroen but i am not a Citroen fun, which is the same company) is arguably the ONLY company left on this planet that gives consumers value for their money. This Peugeot is worth at least 1.5 times what they sell it for. Went to the dealership and for 24K Audi would give me an A4 that had a nothing more than a driver's seat and a wheel, while Peugeot for 16K would give me a car that had everything. Literally, i would have to pay double (or at least 1.8 times) to get the Audi at these specs. and still, the Peugeot would look more luxury.

robbret says:

Video is not a lie. I've been driving a 508 1.6HDi on loan for the last few weeks and it really is a great car. Just the right balance between French "magic carpet" and firm German-style sporty suspension. Great ergonomic driving position for large persons (I'm 1,88m). It blows the Volvo V60, the Passat and the Superb (driven them all) plain out of the water. Some parts of the interior trim look/feel cheap though.
Also, the fixed carpet is not very high quality.
The 1.6HDi engine is quiet and has enough low-end grunt to get around. Uphill with 4 adults on board not so hot, don't expect any miracles.
Looked quirky to me at first but it grew on me fast.

blakaeg says:

Great review. I like French cars. I have a 2008 Citroen C4 and it's been great.

Mejevoli says:

When you study this car, you'll find out that it just BLOWS everything near it's class (even higher ones) out of the water

Charlles Pereira Costa says:

Nice intro song Bob! who is the singer or band? By the onether great review.

Fuchs says:

Bob you didn't tell us how is the grip in corners and is it stable on high speeds. I know its not a sports car but how is the grip comparing to the Passat and the Jetta does it feel stable like them? Thanks

Shiraz Adam Shah says:

take a look at 05:43 the skirting light.. something is wrong

Zając says:

Could some owner help me? I have 2 questions. What do you think about sound system with comes with WIP Nav 2? The one with 8 speakers. Is there a big difference between it and WIP Nav 2 + Hi-Fi JBL system(10 speakers)? And second one: I've heard that water comes into a boot when it's raining. Is it true? If so, does it come in only when you open the boot or also when it's closed?

Lord fauntleroy says:

Hi Bob Gr8 review!Am thinking o buying a 508 as u say there a striking looking car Cant believe the price range(valu) o 011/12 508"s €16~€19k I"m a Big Mazda6 fan&currently drive an08 2.0L Diesel Gr8 car Hv2say no probs But Cant believe the price range o.z new Mazda6 €34k plus! grossly overpriced in comparison to the 508 013"s in&around €23k~€24k Tho Hv heard there some electrical/DPF niggles re the 508

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