The Saleen S7 Puts 900hp in a 2900lb Package. Racecar for the Streets!

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Can you even pick a favorite car, when you’ve got a collection as wild as Juan Carlos’ private fleet? Turns out, yes. It’s got to be one of the fastest and the rarest ones. And that would be his Saleen S7. And when you realize what he’s gone through to make this thing run reliably, you’ll know exactly why.

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Hoonigan AutoFocus says:

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Fukotrack Hernandez says:

Story teller

Shawnzy says:

I'm so glad you made him give the long story. This guy never lets me down. Has an amazing collection, knows everything about the cars and speaks eloquently.


I saw a silver track package S7 in Monterey and when it revved I knew what my new favorite supercar was

Christian Frorup says:

A true car aficionado for the depth work performed on this exclusive car. A clean car exotic you don't see.

rufio777 says:

Love the Gran Tourismo music

Nick T says:

So over Miami.

Carl Swenson says:

so .. shoutouts to Ahmed .. apparently hes the man

NBMTX says:

Nothing is quite like the CLK GTR, but the S7 is certainly putting in that effort. Always liked the look of the S7. Always seemed real pure, and afaik it outperforms the CLK GTR.

_ 7.3Powerstroke says:

Didn’t even realize it was a hour long video.

wedgoku says:

Thankyou for the longer video, the owner truly loves his Saleen S7 & you can see his passion- I enjoyed watching his story!

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