The Saleen S7 Was The Worst Rental Car Gotham Ever Had

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You would think a saleen s7 would be a terrific rental car. Absolutely stunning car but didn’t drive that well at all. Although it was a poor business decision it was fun to drive during the time we had it. We used it mainly as a marketing piece for Gotham because the utilization was terrible. Live and learn.

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Yazure says:

I remember seeing it on ebay ages ago when he sold it.

Cody Lamson says:

Even at $1,500 a day that’s laughable idk who can morally pay that much to borrow a car for under 100 miles a day, not on a track, in traffic on south beach lol

patrick alexis says:

Bahamas 2019

Tips 4 truckers says:

I totally would not rent it for even 200 bux a day. Looking at the comments I guess I'm alone in saying, what's the big deal about it?

Josh Rinlee says:

I dont car if it ate my leg is kill to have that car.

Ali Abdallah says:

11 months ago, Mr Spaghetti is upsetti about American meatballs besting Italian and other European meatballs.

steve c says:

People usually drive cars based on the brand and its status. U have brands like Spyker that didnt do well , despite making good cars, but were not status symbols.

Triston Semper says:

People like you are why manufacturers are ruling out stick shift. How are you gonna complain that its stick shift on a super/hypercar. The era of real drivers is over.

Darren Porter says:

Down in Florida you did 220mph. Oh, ok. Yeah sure.

typ930 says:

I guess manual transmission cars, especially in the US , are much harder to rent, right? Only enthusiasts over there know how to drive with 3 pedals.


Saleen S7 needs to come back

Brick City says:

Unsubscribe. he only . story telling waste of time no car action this guy just talks about the past and not a owner of a show car never. only a bum talking, use to own ,or sold this ,and ,that of a car👎👇💩

Micah Marler says:

Stick shift.. not being user friendly!? HAHAHAHA…. Obviously people who can't drive a stick does not need to be in any vehicle period.

Elio Khoury says:

Would take the S7 over an aston or aventador any day !

tfs2O3 says:

The Saleen S7LM did great as racecars but the road cars were all trash,even the 750hp turbo models. They look great but thats it.

Mark Vinewood says:

Saleen S7 is basically a road going race car and that's what makes it cool. However that been said, race cars are generally not designed for very big drivers. If you are too tall to comfortably fit behind the wheel, well that sucks but if you can't even fit through the door, you might want to consider losing some weight…

Nathan93Baker says:

Dude I totally would have rented the Saleen S7.👋

Your Problems Aren't Mine! says:

I'd pay $1500 a day to rent a Bugatti Chiron or McLaren 570 GT but not an S7 not my style but it's a nice car for sure..

MIAthe305 says:

I would have guessed right away, cuz of the title of the video 🙂

Larry says:

Saw a brand new Saleen at a dealership in Vegas when they first came out, reminded me of a kit car

Ri2nonerok says:

Long time fan but didnt know you had all these vids. Good on ya- Miami

danny perkins says:

aston, ferrari, royce, bently is all luxry.
the real supercars are like lambo,koniseg , pagani , Mclaren

Sav Gre says:

You sound like Steve Bucemi the actor. Fargo

joshua hoppe says:

When you don't know how to drive so complains about the car.

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