The Sexiest Pagani Huayra BC

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Made a quick stop at Carugati and a few other dealerships in Geneva before we headed back to London. Greg.23’s green carbon Pagani Huayra BC is definitely unique and one of the best specced cars I’ve seen.


My Gear:

Sony AX-53:
Circular Polarizer:
Gopro 1:
Gopro 2:
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Drew Martin says:

That whistle by you in the video though ..
I still can't whistle ?

นาย ชิษณุชา เลิศคำ says:

สวยๆ ทั้งนั้น

Flat 6 Custom says:

sounds like eddie wang does car videos, wierd

Corrupt Asian says:

thanks for beautiful clips !!!!!!
greetings from germany ;- )

Andres Aenima says:

that Zonda is SICK!

Usaf S says:

Judging by these videos i keep seeing, I guess there are more Pagani cars on showroom floors than on streets :S

Preciƨe says:

Gregb has unlimited money.

IlIIIllIlIlIlIIl says:

well nice video

ABa adi says:

you are filming only parts of cars. like an amateur… when you will learn to shoot videos like a pro???

closeinprices says:

No offense to Greb B, and this is just my opinion, but this has to be one of the ugliest Paganis I've seen. Green and orange? No lol. It would've been slightly better without the orange.

JohnBoy798899 says:

do you guys call the dealership ahead of time to get permission to film or do you just walk in and film? thanks

MrX says:

Great little dog…

JustinsSupercars says:

Great video as usual! The BC is simply amazing!

Jacque Langston says:

what camera are you using? great shots by the way.. I feel like I am on the hunt with you..

BludBeetle77 says:

Lol ur so stupid…. filming the dog lick his balls?wtf? But it's funny

Automotive Mike says:

So much porn!

Junior Masimong says:

Sounds like Sponge Bob walking in there

Tristan Petrovich says:

If i'm being honest, I wasn't a huge fan of this spec at first but is seriously starting to grow on me…

alexander1485 says:

just go to car shows like everyone else… oh wait

Nicholas Burns says:

Stradman already filmed this actually..

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