The SSC Tuatara is the world's fastest production car

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A new king has climbed to the top of hypercar hill. On Saturday, October 10th, a seven-mile, sun-baked, wind-swept stretch of Highway 160 outside of Pahrump, Nevada was transformed into the high-speed runway from which SSC North America’s 1,750 HP hypercar, the SSC Tuatara, made a pair of record-setting runs in the company’s quest to reclaim its title of “world’s fastest production vehicle.”

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Davis Nicholls says:

Where the name from, I know tuatara is a nz lizard, dinosaur lookalike, slow as, 🦎🦎🦎🦎🤣🤣

R B says:

Bad ass car ..

T3H11 3LL1S says:

It would be very interesting to know how that name was obtained. Was it an original North American title garnished from their history. Or, was it a misappropriation of another culture's property? Yep, you got it. Misappropriation of another culture's property wins the point.

Sean Warren says:

1.9 million dollars for a vehicle that'll be worth about 5 million or more in about 10 years pretty good investment I'd say and the rich get richer

nzriot says:

Shadow Speed Car.
But did you know… An actual Tuatara is thought to be the only species of dinosaur that didn't go extinct? It's quite a lizard-sized scaly reptile… which was on New Zealand's 5 cent coin till those got taken out of currency.

nzriot says:

Ah, I didn't even know it was a top speed record. Thought it was about average speed over a long course… somehow.
These things don't get explained.
Top speed is a great record though, yes.
But would this car be any good around a track with corners?

Aldo Rodriguez says:

I prefer my gt500

Captain_Context says:

"Production" car.

Valkyrie's 007 says:

Well they HAVE now.😂

Anupama Patil says:

Waiting for the Hennessey venom f5 to dessimate this fake record

David Jameson says:

I still prefer a red Ferrari. I think nothing can beat the look. Maybe slower , but more of an eye catcher

Dar Kels says:

Dude I’m son is gonna make a car faster than this

tee hope says:

I was just watching psych episode 5 wich is about cars and thought to myself what is the fastest car in the world and this came up🏎️🏎️

Japes1 Playz says:

No ThE dEvEl SiX tEeN Is ThE fAsTeSt

tripjet999 says:

All that money and only one windshield wiper? Most vehicles have TWO!

DEVUNK88 says:

its only fast cuz Nelson racing engines built the motor

DEVUNK88 says:

Tuatara vs the Hoonicorn…..aannnd GO

Ailm LVR says:

SSC is NOT the fastest production car. Do some research before making videos

John Crazy says:

all the youtube geniuses have debunked the story LMAO!!!!!

The Seal says:

Fake ass record

Bruce Wilson says:

Cars that only extremely wealthy men can afford…and how many of them are qualified to drive at such speeds. A penis extension is much cheaper and safer.

Hari Warrier says:

The record attempt is as fake as Donald Trump's concern for working class american. Did you all know that Jerod Shelby is unrelated to Carroll Shelby and the name of car company (Shelby supercar company) itself was disallowed on copyright grounds. So they call themselves SSC.

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