The Story of Pagani Huayra BC "Macchina Volante" – A True One-Off

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We would like to share this very special piece with our loyal Miller Motorcars followers. We can formally announce that we have sold Macchina Volante to MF Autos in Columbus, Ohio! There will many more videos and content updates provided by MF Autos as they plan on using this car actively on their new YouTube Channel! For more information on Paganis or any other brand, please email #MillerMotorcars #Pagani #MacchinaVolante #BC #MFAutos


Roberto Ferrari says:

…painted with compressed human souls.

Richard Candow says:

Does anyone know the story behind the reason the MV / BC is on the rear of the vehicle in the AC/DC font?

Brendan Jones says:

The evolution from the Huayra to the Roadster BC is increasingly beautiful!!

sooi meeus says:

There is much more of a story behind this than i ever thought , so awesome to see and hear ! Kris selling this car must mean that he has another piece of art on the way imo. hope you guys enjoy it and love it how it should !

otton lara says:

Saw this beauty while driving around my neighborhood in Powell, second I saw it I had to google it. Stunning in videos, unreal in person.

Kariuki Githinji says:

This BC, is one of my favorite collectables,

Let us Pray says:

Can’t wait to see this here in Columbus

Dan S says:

why did Kris Singh/LamborghiniKS sell this car?

C.C says:

@7:05 850hp more than the other BC's … you sure?

John Spencer Marpa says:

Kris sighn's car but he sold it

Louie Lorenzana says:

Luggage cost more than my house….

Max V says:

"aerodynamical feature" Evan really be spittin

Scott Bott says:

I think i have a shirt made of that blue tartan plaid

Fernando VILLARREAL says:

Not for the average car buyer… This beautiful car is for the 1%'s.

riano trijaya says:

Arrow do exhaust system

superowl91 says:

"no12 of 20, truly a 1 off" WTF

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