The Ultimate 4 seater! Koenigsegg Gemera review Driving Empire Roblox

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In this video I review the highly requested Gemera! Shoutout to SatyaRBloxy and Regera for helping out once more! Thanks for Watching!
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thrix says:

Yoo the best rp car

Kyu Lis says:

I sold my veyron for this car because I drove it one time and I just liked the car so much. Great review!

taiiownsawolfbutstillisabitch says:

glad the reviews were good whe; i bought it

GTAPLAYPRO play's ! says:

I miss my Gemera 🙁

Carlito 622 says:

4 seater hyper car, 3 cylinders, 1700bhp, and 308 mph (maxed upgrades) DAMN NOW MORE PEOPLE CAN RIDE IN MY 308 MPH BEAST XDDD

Alxve says:

For the slipping and sliding I recommend you use all wheel drive aswell it really helps😊

EpikClutch says:

did you max it

Rob B says:

Another 4 seat Hypercar is the Tesla roadster

BugattiMan says:

I didn't get the Gemera because I already have the Regera, which is now limited and faster.

Rob Lauren says:

Rimac in the mountain dash pulled a richard hammond there lmao

KingOoh says:

You mean 2021

AE Pg3d says:

McLaren speedtail! Is that ok?

Char says:

3:05 hmmm looks familiar is that the regera11111111

pain says:

would it be a good idea to sell my huayrs roadster for it

Jolle187 says:

4-door? 2.8s? 300+mph? Why so many false stat?

Landon Jordan says:

This car has volcanic fuel in it I think you forgot that

Kai_bacon says:

Yay now I can take my friends to play around with a super fast car now 😀

soaps quick stop motion videos says:

I bought the gemera the first day the update came out also congrats your almost to 1000 subs

YNX ACE says:

Hey man just want to let you know that these vids at awesome I was wondering if u can review the porche 918 spider I’m thinking of getting it but don’t know if it is worth it

Mareuuu says:

Nice vid! Can you do a review of the saleen s7 sometime?

LifesLua says:

love it how everyone was hyped for this when it first came out, but since then it kinda died. Also i saw you in my cc2 server xD

Miles Dawid says:

How are u so rich I only have 7 million $ in driving empire

ZachDoesGaming says:

Rymac sucks in circut the turning + garbage

Orange Juice says:

This my old car

Thor says:

Can you review the Lamborghini Centenario pls?

Fernando Alfino Tejo Offical says:

2:15 V-tec kicks in

Chopperman says:

Boi get that white rims and make your primary color purple to be the "stradman" gang

Nighthawk 009 says:

6:03 he pulled a Richard Hammond there 😉

Pyro Gaming says:

The 3 cylinder boi

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