The Ultimate Aero! | Asphalt 8 SSC Ultimate Aero XT Multiplayer Test After Update 48

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Asphalt 8 SSC Ultimate Aero XT Multiplayer Test
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Anshul Karnik says:

Fun fact: Both the ssc cars of the game have ultimate stats 🙂

Diego Aaron Zapata Aguilar says:

S1741 A1741 ULTIMATE

İbrahim Əzimzadə says:

Car has decent acceleration

Anita Mehra says:

Video on gemera

harry lin says:

Thanks for telling me this forgotten car! i used it and it's getting me into the 2200 in rankings. I have a old acc that has all the old cars but not the new, perhaps I could use some of the old cars like this one like the trashy RUF

ibrahim mohamed says:

Nice can you test Bentley continental g3

Yogindra S says:

0:53 It's ultimate so it's costly


Lol 2nd race so close

やまだつむぎ山田なぎ says:


James Albert II says:

You should check Alfa Romeo Giuletta, the Cinderella of the D Class


I had a plan of buying it,was gathering resources for it. But sad,i lost my all game progress by an incident. 🙁

Amit Somkuvar says:

I'm so fortunate I got this car 5 months back for gauntlet . I still don't regret it. Once it catches speed it just beats Veyron. Idk nobody spoke about it much.

EpikNguyenGamer says:

First time see this car I don't know it is the same brand with the Tuatara

Lebanon 🇱🇧 says:

What if gl add touch drive in asphalt 8 ?

oops gumball says:

I don't know why my gauntlet mode doesn't open the season for me to race but it keeps saying " no active season " any one know how to fix this ??

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